Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Four Months Hope!

How could you not LOVE this face!?

It is so hard to believe but our little miracle girl is FOUR months old now! She is doing great and continues to astound us and especially the doctors! :)

Yesterday at her WELL child visit. She was 12lb 10 oz and 23 1/2 inches tall! :) She got shots and had kind of a yucky evening yesterday but seems to be herself again today!

At Four Months she is:

Wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes

Still exclusively breastfeeding

Still waking once or twice at night to eat

Loving to be held pretty much all the time!

smiley most in the mornings (unlike everyone else in this house)

in love with her brothers. Ben can make her smile like no one else despite the fact that he also makes her cry occasionally while "playing" with her.

grasping objects and putting them in her mouth

chewing and sucking her fingers

will NOT take a pacifier or bottle no matter how hard we try, so no breaks for momma!

loving her swing and Bumbo seat

finally enjoying bathtime

I have to tell you friends four months ago when we got Hope's EB diagnosis, I never imagined life could be so "normal" with Hope and the only signs of her EB are the scars on her feet which remind us daily of the gift we have been given in her. Her skin is definitely more sensitive and she scratches easily and we have to be a little more careful with elastic but she has had NO issues in months. I praise God every day for the miracle He is doing in Hope.

We love her so much and do not take a moment with our kids for granted because of the lessons we learned from their sweet brothers Isaac and Asher. While I would NEVER ask for those kinds of trials again and while I wish more than anything Isaac and Asher could be here to snuggle, I am eternally grateful for the footprints they left on this family. We love with open and grateful hearts and live life in a way that never would have been possible without them. They have made such a huge impact on our family and are remembered each and every day. They sure are still active members of this family and two of the best big brothers Hope could ask for!


Unknown said...

She is precious! I can not believe that she is 4months old already.

Ellie said...

My baby never would take a bottle or a pacifier either, and still will not even though she is 10 months old. I worry about what to do to get her to sleep when I wean her in a couple of months, since she will not take a binky!

Tara said...

She is gorgeous and congrats to you mama for exclusively breastfeeding. I still can't believe she's 4 months already!!!

Karen said...

Happy 4 Months Birthday Hope! Praise God she is doing so well! God is so Good!


Heather said...

Happy 4 Months, Hope!

Wendy said...

I've never posted before and can't remember how i even found your blog! but your family is precious and now i check in often! i'm so glad hope is doing so well, and she has the most precious smile!!

Melanie said...

what a gorgeous little girl, and a miracle-girl as well!! Happy 4 months Hope!!

KK said...

She is so cute.

asplashofsunshine said...

I can tell she is going to be a little princess. She is just like a doll!

Stephanie said...

she is perfect what a sweetheart. Happy 4 months!

Mama10EE said...

She is simply beautiful Kristy. Simply. Beautiful.

Devin said...

She is so adorable Kristy, and I am so thankful too that she is doing so well. Praise God for miracles! She has the cutest little smile...I just want to reach through the screen and give her a big (but, of course, very gentle) squeeze! *hee hee*

Cathy said...

What a cutie! You have a beautiful family.

Kelly said...

Great pictures!! She is adorable! you seem like one strong mama! I commend you on that! Your family is precious.

Toni :O) said...

She is beautiful and I just love her little dimple when she smiles....glad to hear all is going well with her! Enjoy this special time!

Pam said...

You have been given an award. Come and see my blog.

Doula Mama Pam