Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update on Ben

Hey Everyone!

We are home from the Surgery Center. He was taken in for surgery at 9:30, out at 10:30 and home at 11:30!! WOW! Things went quick and the doctor is very hopeful that this will be his last surgery. He is in pain but we are hoping the meds we just gave him will help a bit.

They did allow Hope and mommy to accompany him in pre-op and post op. What a blessing that was! The hour after him waking up was rough but he is calmed down and watching as much TV as he wants right now on the portable DVD player! :)

We are likely in for a tough weekend as he will keep the catheter until next week, but we are thankful that kids are resilient! Please continue to pray! We are so grateful for all of you! :)

Sorry to cut this short but I have a little guy who KNOWS I am at his beckon call and he surely has his appetite back! :)


asplashofsunshine said...

Lots of healing thoughts for Ben! Poor little guy!

Trisha Larson said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear that there were no complications. It must be such a relief to have that done and be home.

Sending love and prayers!


Penny said...

Sounds like it's going as well as it can. Hope he doesn't have any pain and heals quickly. =)

Laurie in Ca. said...

Praying this is the last time and that his recovery is as easy as possible. Love you Kristy.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Stephanie said...

I missed your post about Ben, poor sweetie.
Well even being late I'm sending prayers to Ben to feel better.

Ellen said...

Praying for quick healing for Ben, minimal pain, and no more surgeries

mrsrubly said...

just thankin about you! is ben doing ok?

my3sons said...

So happy to hear this is behind both of you! Have a wonderful holiday season!