Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Adoption Trip to Harrisburg

 We arrived in Harrisburg Tuesday evening and walked around and explored...
 Our state capitol building is incredible!  IT is such a gorgeous building.  We walked around and read all the quotes engraved in the concrete and then we  headed to Neato Burrito for dinner and it began to storm so we headed back to our hotel.

 The kids were exhausted and fell asleep much easier than expected. 

 In the morning we got up and met the Sams ladies at Hershey's Chocolate World!  It was fantastic!  A good time was for sure had by all!  Above is a picture of Oceana, Naomi and Hope on the Chocolate Ride.

 Here are my guys on the ride!  :)

 My loves holding more of my loves!  ;)  The world's biggest chocolate bars and Hope holding the world's largest Reese Cups.

 They got to package some Hershey Kisses

 And then they decided we needed to ride the Chocolate Ride again...Jacob LOVED it!

 He especially loved the singing cows!  

 All in all it was a great day!  We grabbed some dinner and headed back to the hotel for a swim.

 Could Jake's suit BE any cuter!?  

 Thursday morning we got up and headed to the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts where we spent the entire day exploring.  It is a FABULOUS museum.  We had so much fun!

 These guys LOVED the hurricane chamber where they got to feel winds up to 91 mph!

 They learned about how floods affect the land...

 Pulleys make work easier!

 The highlight for the boys was this center where they could build their own car and then race them.

 and a paper airplane center where they could build and then launch the planes.

 Rock climbing

 Luke and Dad trying to play scrambler...a memory game

 Icky the Infectious clown was a hit!

 Howard and I played mind ball!  (I won)  :)

 This might be the coolest water table ever...there was a seat for Jacob to sit and enjoy the fun!  He LOVED it!

 I love them!  

 Hope played in this little shopping area forever.

 and again we headed back to the hotel for a swim and the Sams ladies joined us again...I need to get a picture from Susie of the babies together...they were too cute!

 Friday morning it was time to get ready for COURT!

 They were so excited to be in a REAL courtroom!  They were perfectly was such a great day!

 Jacob loved the judge.  He was such a kind soul!  We were blessed to have everyone who was involved involved.

 The kids chose IHOP for the Adoption celebration lunch.

 And I chose the Penn State Creamery for a snack partway home.  :)  Luke had Cookies and Cream.

 Ben had Autumn Pie...a combination of nectarines, peaches and raspberries...

 Hope chose cookie dough...

and Howard chose Peach.  (Poor Jakey only got formula)  :)  Overall it was a great trip (aside from the fact that my wisdom tooth became abscessed and I am now sitting here recovering from oral surgery as a result) we enjoyed eachother and had a fun few days celebrating our family.  I am so grateful for all the Lord has done in our lives and I look forward to the adventures ahead! 


Deb D. said...

What a wonderful record of such a momumental family event. Your pictures are so delightful. And how neat that you got to meet up with Susie and her girls. I've been following them for years, too.

Sorry to hear about your tooth. Glad to know that the weekend was so wonderful nonetheless.


Jenn @Treasuring Lifes Blessings said...

Great pictures of your beautiful family! I have the Hershey Chocolate World song stuck in my head after seeing you all on the ride. lol (we live about 45 min from there). Congratulations again! :)

Brigitte said...

Awesome pictures! Congrats that everything is official.. An official family forever! You are close to me in location.. We are about 1.5 hours from Hershey, 45 mins to Lancaster. I grew up in Reading,Pa!!

Penny said...

Kristy, you are inspiring! I so wish we could meet in real life!!! You really need to read my pastor's wife's blog about her adoption story. She's written a book~ still in editing stages. I am beyond excited!!! :)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

These pictures just made my heart happy on this Sunday morning. So rejoicing with your family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I used to read your blog years ago and just stumbled on it again. Our adoption finalized in April!