Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stepping Out

I think we are outgrowing this van.  ;)  I will tell you unequivocally though that God provides ALL we need for what he calls us to!  Blessings abound when we step out in faith!


Cheryl said...

We had the same dilemma with space. We were pregnant with number six and had only a seven passenger van (6 kids + 2 parents = 8 people).

A friend of ours found a three person bench seat which normally went in the back of our type of van at the junk yard, but we replaced the middle (two-person) bench seat with it.

Voila--No longer needed a new vehicle. It was now an eight passenger van! We used the van that way for years...right up through July of this year.

Happy times in that van...

With Hope,

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