Sunday, September 13, 2009

By Popular DEMAND

So, several, okay, like FIFTY people either commented or emailed me about posting pictures of my refrigerator and two years ago when I started this blog, I never imagined I would ever post about something as mundane and normal as my refrigerator organization. Alas, I am eating up any normalcy I can find. :)

So there it is folks, the refrigerator that brings me Zen, the place that makes sense when no place else does. My GE refrigerator. :) I wrote about it here for those who missed the post. It may seem insane but really there are a few areas of my life that when they are out of order, chaos seems to reign, but if I can keep just a few places of my life in order I at least have that. Is that nuts? Okay, don't answer that. :)

So you see we have beverages on the top shelf along with a fresh pineapple we scored this week. Nothing too exciting there, a gallon of orange juice, a gallon of milk, and our new favorite beverage, a pitcher of water with citrus fruits cut up and stirred in.

The next shelf typically is loaded with yogurt, but this particular day we had harvested pears from my mother-in-law's tree and tomatoes from the garden, so they took that shelf along with the ground flax and strawberry freezer jam, both necessities in this house.

The third shelf is where we keep the eggs (I used to keep them in the door, but did you know you should not keep things like eggs and milk in the door because it isn't as cold there?)

The fourth shelf is my favorite. It is where we store washed and cut up produce, like carrots, celery, strawberries, peppers, etc. Those containers are from Tupperware and were my loot from having a Tupperware party two years ago. They are orange, my favorite color and they are AWESOME. They stack beautifully and I have even more of them than are pictured. Those white buttons on the front adjust the airflow to the produce so your produce doesn't sweat and sit in water. There are also ridges along the bottom to collect any condensation that may happen. Can I just tell you that these things really increase the longevity of my produce?!

Then in the top drawer I keep whole fruits and veggies like oranges, grapefruits, and such and in the bottom drawer, deli meats and cheeses. In the door I keep butter in the butter thingy along with a little container of random sauces from fast food restaurants and Chinese take out.

The rest of the door is mostly condiments arranged by use so salad dressings are together, hot dog and hamburger condiments are together, etc.

So there you have it folks! Not terribly exciting aside from maybe the unmentioned gin in the door or the Yuengling on the bottom of the door, reserved for special occasions, oh yeah and maybe that little purple love note from my husband :).

AAAHH one of my favorite places in my house! :) So how about you? Do you have any refrigerator organizing tips? Come on Devin, I know you do!


Unknown said...

You would laugh if you saw my refrigerator. Terribly disorganized and actually rather gross in some containers.

I used to be an organizer and often tell people I'm a "frustrated organizer". Frustrated because with 8 of us in the house I don't feel in control. What does that say for my "home management techniques"? ha.

Good for you keeping your refrigerator organized. Mine was once this year - and I blogged about it. Stockpiling Our Hearts


Christy said...

Mine is about anything but organized! LOL Well it's good today, Chad just cleaned it out today actually!! I will admit I like the tupperware you have and need to find a tupperware lady from the states so I could maybe order some of that. BTW I am trying not to be envious at the size of your fridge. ;)

Me said...

I didn't even know that anyone kept their frig like that. BTW, never refrigerate your tomatoes, it makes them ripen too quickly and go bad. Kind of like bananas. That is my contribution to the clean frig. If you saw mine you would shake with convulsions!!

Lisa said...

And for anyone who thinks "there is no way a refrigerator could really look that good all the time"...

I have witnessed it firsthand. It REALLY does.

Mine does not. Not even when it was brand new & stocked for the first time.


Crazy in Alaska said...

Oh my gosh... Isn't there a saying that says a clean fridge is a sign of a sick mind??? I'm pretty sure that's how it goes.

No really... I'm envious. Ours looked like that for about two hours six months ago when we first brought our fridge home from the store.

boltefamily said...

LOL! You guys crack me up!

Lisa - thanks for being my witness! :)

Me - I also had no idea about tomatoes ripening faster in the refrigerator! Thanks for that tip!

Mrs. H said...

Hooray for all the Tupperware. You know - someone gave me Mrs. whoever's Green Bags. They actually work really well for veggies too! Beautiful fridge!

Michelle said...

I confess... I too, have thought about your fridge. When looking at some storage containers at the store I thought to myself how I wished you had shown us pictures of yours! I like everything in a certain place but I need some of those cute containers to help! :) Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

A Morris said...

lol--i think we have the same fridge. we even keep some of the stuff in the same places. unfortunately our ice dispenser doesn't work anymore...any experience with that? at least the water still works!

boltefamily said...

haha! A Morris...our ice works, but our water doesn't!

asplashofsunshine said...

Oh no no no, I will never post pics of my fridge. I have fridge envy! :) Our fridge is full of Ziploc leftover containers, probably some produce going bad, and yogurts on every shelf. I am highly impressed with your fridge.

Devin said...

Oh, Kristy....I THOROUGHLY enjoyed that post!

And, I just reorganized this morning after a weekend of frenzy--my fridge is sparkly and shiny and each and every item is in it's properly assigned place! I actually thought of you while I was doing it, and then I came here and saw this--HOW funny!

I'm afraid I actually have nothing to add, but I will say that I love a lot of Tupperware items too! I have the deli keeper thing--it stacks to hold all different meats and cheeses, and makes preparing deli sandwiches a snap--only one container to pull out! No more ziplocked packages of cheese just asking to mold in the fridge! *hee hee*

LOVED this! :-) It put more than one smile on my face today!

Toni :O) said...

Okay, I gotta laugh...our icemaker is broke but the water works! We are desperate for a new fridge and one of these days, I'm getting a new one that I LIKE (instead of living with what someone else picked out) with my bonus money! I did know about the tomatoes...Great organized fridge...I'm SO jealous!

Kathy said...

The water with the citrus fruit sounds like a great idea! I could not tell from the picture, what fruits do you use?

boltefamily said...

We use oranges, limes, and lemons! The kids even love it!