Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes

Hope and Birthday Lamby
One Week Old

Hope and Birthday Lamby
One Month Old

Hope and Birthday Lamby
2 Months Old

Hope and Birthday Lamby
3 Months Old

Hope and Birthday Lamby
4 Months Old

Hope and Birthday Lamby
5 Months Old

Hope and Birthday Lamby
6 Months Old

Hope and Lamby
7 Months Old

Hope and Lamby
8 Months Old

Hope and Lamby
9 Months Old

Hope and Lamby
10 Months Old

Hope and Lamby
11 Months Old

Hope and Lamby
12 Months Old

Well, folks, there you have it. Hope Amelia is officially a year old. At 2:22 pm one year ago this baby girl made her debut. Little did we know in the coming days we would go on to find out she had a very rare skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. At that time her future was so uncertain. Here we stand a year later praising God with every breath that Hope is thriving and growing. She is a miracle and I just know her brothers in Heaven are beaming down at her just as her brothers here do. She is a very loved girl for sure. Please don't think that for one moment I take all of the prayers you all have offered on her behalf lightly. I stand in awe of the Lord and of the body of Christ as you all have rallied around us.

Here is what Miss Hope is up to these days:

She weighs in at just over 17 pounds and is wearing 9-12 month clothes comfortably

She DESPISES putting her feet in grass or sand

She also despises water, be it pools, baths or the lake

She is still a VERY picky eater and prefers to nurse

She has developed a new love of baby dolls (which mommy also loves)

She also loves balls and trucks

She can stand on her own very well and tried to take a step just yesterday.

She says: bye bye, hi, no, yeah, thank you (ku ku), baby (beebee), snack (nack), duck, Ben, Mama, Dada, fish (shish), pretty (pitty) when she sees a flower, ball, uh-oh, shoe, see, what's that?

She STILL prefers mommy to anyone else, but is beginning to warm up to Grandpa Bolte

She loves to clap and cheer at Luke's tball games

She still does NOT sleep through the night (it happened ONCE, it was a fluke)

She LOVES books

She astounds us each and every day. I look at her and when I think of all God has done in her in the past year I am awestruck. I am humbled and grateful that He chose US to be her family. She is one special girl and we just love her to pieces!

We had a VERY busy weekend and day today. I will share more about all of that and pictures ASAP. Tonight I need some rest! :)


Unknown said...

I have to say, I can't believe that she is 1 now. That means that I have been reading your blog for just over a year now. Love the picture sequence with her lamb. What a great idea that was!

Sara Denslaw said...

Happy Birthday Hope! I still remember how I "found" your family. My best friend read your blog for awhile and when she saw you had Hope and saw "EB" she automatically knew what I was and immediately sent the link to me knowing i'd reach out to you! And I am so happy she did! I hope we can meet in person some day too!

Crystal Theresa said...

what a beautiful girl :). happy birthday to hope. i love the pictures.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Hope! What a beautiful miracle you are!

Adorable pics...what a difference a year makes indeed! =)

Pam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!! Ladybug!!!!!!!!

Catherine said...

I can't believe she is already a year old!!!! And what a cutie!!! Happy Birthday, Hope!!!

trennia said...

Happy 1st Birthday Hope!

:) Miranda said...

I also love the picture sequence I think that it is SOO neat to see the progress, congrats on your baby girl. She is beautiful.:) I pray for many more years to come!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Hope! I can't believe I've been following your blog for a year. I first came here when you were featured on Cole's foundation. I love this blog, even, or maybe especially, when it's so honest and heartbreaking. Hope, so many of us have come to love you and your family. I know I'll probably never meet you until heaven, but I look forward to that day.

sharon said...

Wow! How fast has this past year gone. Happy 1st Birthday Hope! You are indeed a beautiful gift from God.

Lori said...

She's precious and the first couple of pictures with Lamby are so cute!!!!

Happy Birthday!

The Pittsburgh Hites said...

I remember getting the text last year and tearing up at it. What a year little girl, my oh my, look how you've grown!!!!
Hope your birthday was AMAZING Hope, we love you!!!!!
Here's to MANY MANY MANY more fabulous birthdays!!

Tammy On the Go said...

oh the joy of seeing them grow....

Dorsey said...

Okay, so I'm looking at the Birthday pictures for the 4th or 5th time, who's counting? They are so precious. I have a daughter that's doing the same thing, Griffin Sawyer had his 8 months picture taken yesterday. Happy Birthday Hope!