Monday, December 20, 2010

So, here in the Bolte house we are SUPER excited for Christmas. This was our recent attempt at Christmas Card photos. :) You can see that any attempt to get a photo of all three children at once just turns into chaos. So this is a REAL life photo.

The Advent Challenge has been going GREAT and we are astounded at the understanding our children have shown about the TRUE meaning of Christmas. We have done lots of fun things, like paying for a stranger's dinner, adopting another family for Christmas, picked out gifts through World Vision, gone Christmas caroling at local nursing homes, made bird feeders, and lots of other super fun things...they are learning how GREAT it feels to give and are experiencing true joy!

I also have to say that in our Advent season we have been equally blessed, we have had a couple of visits from "Santa" and we just stand in awe at how the Lord provides for His people.

We did battle perhaps the WORST case of the stomach flu ever and are still feeling some ill effects. ALL five of us went down within the same three days and it wasn't a 24 hour kind of thing...I may never catch up on laundry. :)

Tomorrow is Howard's birthday and we are excited and planning a fun time for him providing everyone is well!

How is your holiday season going?


Danae Hudson said...

I love seeing your Advent activities continue! I think it's beautiful :) I'm sorry that you were all sick! Blah. That always sucks.

I don't know if you have too many giving activities yet, but I'm having a small giveaway for anyone who donates to the chip-ins/website on my blog! Winner gets $50 :)

trennia said...

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Kelly L said...

Love the picture -I remember those
Merry Christmas to you
I've Become My Mother