Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Are We Doing?

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that we are doing well. I will try to get on and do a few blogs about our journey in the last two weeks, trying to juggle all the needs of four sweet kids is pretty much taking up every minute of my days. Jacob has been home for a week now and he is doing great. He's been to the doctor and is gaining weight and doing great. We've scheduled an intake appointment with Early Intervention for next week to talk about some of his sensory issues and his muscle tone, and he has an appointment for a repeat hearing test as he failed in one ear at the hospital. We'd love your prayers in each of those areas.

The kids are just LOVING him and have been so amazing. They are so understanding and patient (most of the time) and I just stand in awe of them. Luke has been especially helpful. He just loves his baby brother and is willing to do anything he can to help out. They just love holding him, feeding him, and playing with him. He is learning to love them back. :) They are a little to "in your face" for his liking, but we are working on a balance that will work for everyone.

 Jacob is making quite a bit of progress...he had been struggling to gain weight in the hospital and he has gained 10 ounces since we've had him so that is great. He eats well and loves to be held facing out. It has been a struggle to get him to snuggle and bond with us as he is quite rigid most of the time and has a really hard time relaxing. We are seeing great progress in those areas though and are so amazed by him each day. God continues to provide for our every need and lead us along this unfamiliar path and we are so keenly aware of his presence, grace, and goodness.

I am beginning to see that adoption really is war, and many times during the day I feel Satan try to whisper his lies to me and cause me to doubt that I can do this...and honestly...I can't. But with God I can do anything and I know He has brought us here and he will continue to guide us each step of the way...He loves our Jacob and has such great plans for him.

We ate out for the first time as a family of six and it went really well! We also tackled grocery shopping for the first time with four kids and aside from Jacob HATING the car ride, it went great. He seems to be coming down with a cold and sleep is rare commodity in this house right now, so I better go catch a few winks while I can. I just wanted to let you all know that we are doing well, we are growing, adjusting and loving.

 We stand in awe of our God who made every step of this journey possible and continues to amaze us. We covet your prayers and will be back soon to share some pictures of our family!


5Binders said...

Always praying for you, and hoping that everything turns out ok for Jacob!!! God has brought you this far, and He will continue to provide for all of you. Jacob has an amazing story that is just beginning, and God has his hands firmly underneath you!!! Sending hugs, much love, and prayers!!


LeeAnn said...

You just tell satan to get behind you and leave you alone! You have Jesus on your side and NOTHING can stop that power! GOD is right in the midst of Jacob's adoption into the Bolte Family and I'm loving every step of the journey. I am awed, humbled, blessed, overjoyed and thankful for Jacob and the the story he will have in your family. praying always!!
Love, LeeAnn

Annalien said...

I can just imagine that there is a lot of adjusting to do in the Bolte household, but it sounds as if you are on top of it. If God is with you, who can be against you? Praying for you all. God bless!

Cathy said...

I hope you won't think I'm being too nosy, but perhaps Jacob is not yet fully over his NAS. It can linger for many months and maybe he still needs a little help to help with his muscle tone and ability to cope with stimulation rather than going it alone. Contact me if you have any questions and I will fill you in on my professional background.

Kristy said...

Thanks Cathy! You are right...it is going to take a team and lots of time! He is getting Occupational Therapy and we are seeing the doctor regularly. He does need a little help for things still so for now we are also FULL with appointments! So grateful for so many people working to help Jacob be all he can be!