Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping

In light of the recent "Amazon" boycott, I have been forced to think outside the box with the smiley on it for my Christmas shopping as I have found shopping from my computer to be much easier than trying to find a sitter for three kids or trying to lug them along. I have written before but we don't buy A LOT for Christmas, we do three gifts per kid and one family gift and this year CSN Stores has become my go to for all of my holiday shopping. They have everything from extra tall bar stools to cloth diapers, to kitchen appliances.

Shipping is free on many items and also on all orders over 69 dollars! I have recently received my first order from CSN and could not be happier with the products! I highly recommend checking them out...they seriously carry just about EVERYTHING you could imagine.

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Christy said...

just so you know, Amazon pulled the book.