Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maximizing My Mornings

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about the "Maximize Your Morning Challenge" I set out determined to get up earlier to give myself a chance to start my day right and be a better servant to my family. I have gotten a few emails from some of you who have been wondering how that is going. is my experience thus far...

I started out gung ho. I was getting up an hour before Howard and an hour and a half before the kids. It was great to sit in the dark house and read and pray for each of my family members before they woke up. I then showered and got ready for the day and began chores, like laundry, mopping, etc, so that I had more time WITH the kids during the day. It made a difference. It made A HUGE difference. Each morning instead of greeting the kids as they woke me up feeling like they had "disturbed" me, I was able to greet them and tell them how happy I was to see them and how I had prayed for them in the morning. The mornings have been less rushed and there has been minimal barking of orders and frustration.

That said...we then fell into this germ infested cycle of sickness. Fevers, coughs, sore throats, headaches, and NO sleeping at night. The first week Luke had it, then Ben (who's turned into a double ear infection) and then Hope. Sometimes I was lucky to get an hour's sleep at night and I was running on empty. I did find that if I made myself get up anyway and get the day started it went better, but man it got hard.

We are finding ourselves on the upswing now (I think) and I am back to getting up early, for myself I have found that 6 am is my max. I just simply cannot function any earlier. I get up at 6 ish (sometimes 6:30 depending on the night and sometimes I just lie there and pray for the energy to get up for a good fifteen or twenty minutes.) and I sit down with my bible and coffee and read and then pray specifically for each of the kids and for Howard. Then Howard gets up and I get him coffee, greet him with coffee, a kiss and a pleasant attitude, and send him off having prayed for his day. Then Hope usually gets up shortly after and I go in and get her with a smile and she and I snuggle on the couch for a few minutes and then I get breakfast started for the kids. Ben typically wanders out shortly after hearing that Hope is up and I greet him with a hug, and kiss and tell him how happy I am to see him and I tell him how I prayed for him that morning. He grabs his blankie and curls up on the couch until breakfast is ready. Then I still have to go in and get Luke. He is just not a morning person. I go in and turn on the light and set his clothes out, then I climb into his bed and snuggle him and tell him how excited I am to see him this morning and I tell him how I prayed for him to have a wonderful day and to be a light to the world (or however I prayed that morning). It still takes a bit of prodding but he gets up, gets dressed and we all go have breakfast together. While the boys then read for a bit before Luke's bus comes I get dinner prepped and the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded and then I make sure to get a load of laundry going.

It HAS made a world of difference. AND while there are still mornings that I fail and things go back to chaotic, I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and we
move on. Having morning time to yourself with little ones who occasionally wake up before they are supposed to has been the most difficult part for me. I would LOVE any tips you have on this! :)


Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job. There always will be bumps on the road, especially since Satan does not want you starting the day with Christ. He will try to derail and detour the best He can. Way to go for getting back in the groove. It sounds like God is blessing your time immensely and think about the example you are setting for those sweet peas. :)

Angie said...

Great Job! I too see that getting up before my family makes a HUGE difference in our day ... when my kiddos wake up early, I have them join me for my quiet time. I read to them the scripture I was meditating on and have them help me pray!

Amanda said...

Stacy is right..Satan does NOT want your mornings to start with Christ, and a little kid interuption seems to be his plan.

There is this book I read a few months back, and it's called Real Moms, Real Jesus by Jill Savage. She writes to explain how our daily lives, and the interuption of little ones in the morning, and our selfless giving as parents, is exactly how Jesus lived His life. He was constantly needed and wanted, and so are we as moms. It's a wonderful read, and gives many practical stories to relate to Jesus' life. Most importantly, it reminds us that we CAN do.