Monday, April 16, 2012


God is so faithful, so present, and so amazing. Jacob is doing well. He is growing and making lots of progress and it is anticipated that I will be able to go and get him the first week of May! The past week was busy preparing our home for his arrival and making lists of the things we will need before he comes. It was a huge step for us but a necessary one. I shared my fear with Howard, telling him that I knew all too well that sometimes the Lord gives and the Lord takes away and that I was too afraid to be excited. His words to me were, "Kristy, it is time to get excited, we know that no matter what happens, God will carry us...let yourself be excited."

Excited I am! I washed diapers (you don't think he'll mind pink do you?) and set up a changing area and washed some of the clothes we've been given for him. We are preparing our hearts and our home and we are ALL excited! Hope asks each morning when we get to bring baby Jacob home from the "hopsital" so that she can take care of him. I know she is going to struggle to share her mommy but I also know she is going to be a great big sister.

Wednesday I sat down to do the financials of all of this. I put pen to paper and tried to figure out just how much more was needed to get him here. I sat and prayed for that provision to be made somehow. The very next day that very amount was donated to our account from a VERY generous donor. My heart overflows with gratitude. The only details left to pay for are the post placement visits we will be required to have (450.00) and the birth mom's post adoption counseling (300.00) unless anything else comes up. I stand here in complete AWE of the mountains God has moved on behalf of Jacob and I am just so very grateful. What once seemed impossible now is well within our grasp and I am so overwhelmed by our ever present, faithful provider.

There is a possibility that Jacob could be home by Mother's Day! What a gift that would be! I know His timing is perfect and he has proven that He's got this, but I LONG to hold Jacob in my arms and tell him JUST HOW much he is loved by his Heavenly father and how beautiful his story is. I have felt such love and support from so many and it brings tears to my eyes to know that Jacob is so loved and wanted by so many! Thank you ALL for your love, support and prayers. We are SO grateful.


Emily said...

Chills. Awesome, awesome God. Love all EIGHT of you Boltes! :)

Emily said...

Chills. Awesome GOD.

Love all 8 of you Bolte folks. We'll need that group discount at the waterpark for sure now!! :)

Rebecca Umling said...

I am so excited for you and your family. I know you are over the moon. I continue to send up prayers for you and your family. I send hugs your way! Thank you for sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

Totally irredspondible to buy a kid. Period. Doubly so when you cant afford to! Do you live this child?? Nope!! If you did, you'd have dine rhe respinsible thing and saved up!! It is so unfortunate, given all those godly Christian folks who really truly want and deserve children. Not folks like u.

I'm praying the birthmom changes her mind -- and decides to parent (best case) or to give the kid to worthy folks (not you!! Second best case).

Unknown said...

Wow, Taylor. I'm sorry you have such an angry heart. I don't know if you've been through a failed adoption or want to adopt or can't for whatever reason. In my experience the people who create anonymous profiles in the same day they post nasty comments are people who most likely know the blogger whose site they are posting on but are too afraid to tell her what they really think.

Let me get this straight, please. According to your logic:
It is wrong to "buy kids" unless you are rich. If you don't happen to be rich, you should let a mother who is desperate to find a happy family who would love her child and raise him as their own just struggle to try and raise him on her own, while you go and buy things you don't need with money you don't have for that stuff, either.

Kristy, we live in a society of STUFF. I'd bet you anything if you'd posted that you and Howard had just bought a new car that cost $25,000 no one would say a thing. Somehow, though, because you are opening up your home to a child in need who may also have alot of other medical and emotional needs as he grows, you are selfish and immature.

2 Timothy 3:2

For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.

Original poster, there must be a reason your heart is bleeding right through your words onto Kristy's blog. I'd be happy to talk with you. Everybody hurts, as the old REM song goes.

However, I won't stand for someone who hardly knows my friend to say such horrible things. She is a beautiful gem in the eyes of God, and honestly, Kristy, it should only strengthen your resolve. Who was the man who was persecuted the most for loving "the least of these?"

Oh, yes. That's right.

The very founder of our faith.

Unknown said...

I am a foster parent and don't have complete approval of some in our lives. I've been struggling with so desiring man's approval and God is making my heart tender and giving me tough skin: He wants me to love who society has deemed "unlovable"...and that I will do.

boltefamily said...

It is exceedingly clear to me that when I walk with God there are going to be a LOT of people who come against me. Fortunately we also have a ton of support. Hurt people, hurt people. It breaks my heart to know there is such hurt out there that people also allow their words to spew that same hurt onto others. I've been guilty of it myself before.

We are doing what we know God has called us to do and we make no apologies. None of us are worthy, but in His eyes we have worth. In the end...we only have to be concerned with the opinion of our Heavenly Father and we know He Himself has orchestrated this as it was NOT what we were looking for. We are beyond honored that he chose us and will move forward one step at a time.

Penny said...

Wow! Taylor needs prayer.
Kristy, I'm excited for you. That baby boy will be so loved! (already is, I know) The birthmother handpicked you and Howard to parent her child~ whom you believe she loves wholeheartedly. "We" should all respect her decision, even if "we" don't agree with it. I'm not part of that "we." Just saying. :)
Attacking you (and, basically, his birthmom too)is ridiculous. If reading this blog angers someone that much~ they should stop reading. At the least~ stop commenting.
God bless you and your family Kristy! Praying for an easy transition for Jacob and all of you. :)