Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Cuteness!

My sweet friend, Ginger who donated the photo session for our last giveaway invited us to stop by her shoot and let the kids see the chicks and bunny. Isn't she uber talented?

If you are in the Pittsburgh or Erie area...look her up!  You won't be sorry!


zanesmommy said...

They need to quit growing up!

Jennifer said...

Love the chick on the head!! How funny is that!?!? :)

Thanks for joining in the blog hop! I am so glad you did - because I'm really enjoying reading your blog!! It's fascinating to me to read people's journeys through adoption...and how different they are!! Looking forward to reading some more!!

Emilie & Abigail's mama-to-be

Lisa said...

Your kids look so grown up, Kristy!!! You probably don't see it as much as us, but they look so different in these photos! All of them look so precious :)