Friday, March 5, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

So...My friend Emily has been doing something on her blog called Fab 5 Fridays. She highlights five "things" that she loves or that make her life easier. Her rule is that she is supposed to stick to "THINGS", but she is a rebel and does break that rule sometimes. I thought it would be fun to join her so here goes!


The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. These things are AWESOME. I have just learned to make home made bread using the dough hook on this and it works great! I love it for mixing all things from cakes to mashed potatoes and as a bonus, the white noise it makes soothes a cranky baby. :)


I often don't have much time for getting "made up" in the morning, but have found this make up to be the best by far! It is made of all natural ingredients and is very gentle and natural looking yet provides amazing coverage for the darkest of circles under those sleep deprived eyes! My sister turned me on to this and I don't think I will ever turn back! PS you won't even break out if you fall asleep in it! (not that I ever go to bed before washing my face:) )


Three words...FIVE BLESSED BOWS! Seriously these things are fabulous! I LOVE them. They are wonderful quality, the headbands are comfy and stretchy and don't leave marks on baby's head and the gripper bows are phenomenal. They stay put even when you put a winter hat over them!

If you have a little girl and do not have these bows...go right NOW and get some! They have some adorable Easter bows. Don't forget to tell them I sent ya! They have a referral program where you earn free bows for referrals! :) Thank you to Christy for opening my eyes to this whole wonderful world of bows!


The Streams in The Desert Devotional. My mother in law brought this to the hospital while I was recovering after having Isaac and it has been like my daily bread every day since. I have read it four times through and each time my eyes are opened to new things. The Word hits me at a different spot in life and I learn new things each time! It is uplifting and really with this book there is NO excuse not to at least do daily devotions each day. They are short and profound!


Slings! This one is the Peanut Shell, which I keep in my on the go bag for grocery store trips and such. They are not bulky and fit in my bag nicely. I also love the patterns. Hope doesn't like to EVER be put down so I am a HUGE fan of babywearing! Slings are my carrier of choice these days now that she likes to just sit on my hip. I do wish I had a stretchier one though now that she is bigger...any suggestions?

So maybe you have five things that have made your life easier this week! Join in the fun and join Emily's Fab Five Friday! :)


Jayme said...

Love me some Five Blessed Bows! I can't tell you how many my girls own :) Best bows EVER.

Holli Davis said...

Fridays are my favorite to blog, due to my Fab 5 also.... glad you joined in! Thanks for the heads up on the makeup.... going to try it! :)

Mama E said...

I had a Peanut Shell and it threw my whole back/neck out! We moved on to the Moby wrap and LOVE IT!

I'm gonna do Fab 5 Friday over at my blog. You should come visit! :)

Unknown said...

I love the Moby Wrap and my Kangaroo Adjustable Pouch....Eva likes the pouch the best unless she's tired, then she loves the Moby!

Love the idea of Fab 5...might have to try that on my blog!


LeeAnn said...

I'll have to look into Bare Minerals. I don't wear much make-up as my skin is sensitive, but you make a good case for it. Thanks!!

Devin said...

I LOVE my kitchen aid mixer. Use it all the time, and right now I would love to get the 90th anniversary one with the glass bowl. Have you seen it? Ugh, it's awesome! Love me some BE,'s all I wear. :) And as far as the sling--I am actually wearing Lo in a hotsling right this minute! I like it very much. So does she--but it is not stretchy AT ALL, so if you are looking for stretch, do not go that route!