Monday, March 8, 2010

Super Heroes?

Tonight Ben found a pair of "Mr. Freeze" PJs in a box of hand me downs we got from friends last week. He was SOO pumped and immediately put them on. He ran and got his super hero cape that "Grandma Bolte" made for him and a pair of his shades and...


Meet Mr. Freeze!

"Who will protect the world from my super freezing powers?"

Meet, Mr. Flamer (yep, that's right, he made it all up himself)

But will Mr. Flamer's powers be enough to stop Mr. Freeze?

Stay tuned! :)

(check out those guns! (that is if you can get past the baseball socks and medical tape F on his muscle shirt! :))

We surely are blessed to have such super heroes in our home!


connie said...

I just love kids their ages. I love the fact that hand-me-downs can bring such joy. You are indeed blessed to have them in your family.

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, that's the cutest! I have no idea who Mr. Freeze is, but those jammies and your boys are SOOO darn cute!

Cathy said...

LOVE your boys!! Can't wait until Lars is old enough to do BOY things :-)

Unknown said...

This cracked me up!