Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

BIG Kiss!

Watching from the WARM house.


How DID he get so big?

Yesterday was a snow day here in NW Pennsylvania. Honestly we don't get many. We have adapted and can function quite well even in the midst of blizzards and several feet of snow. Yesterday's issue was ICE. After several hours of freezing rain everything was covered in ice. The boys had fun walking "on top of" the snow and slipping and sliding everywhere. Because Howard is a teacher and had a snow day also we got to spend an entire day at home as a family, sledding, watching movies, playing games, drinking cocoa and eating popcorn. It was good. We do laugh sometimes though...while the rest of the world was getting "The monster storm for the record books" and was paralyzed, we were just having a typical winter day. ;) It is all about perspective isn't it?


Michelle said...

This made me chuckle. We are charging our video camera and 'hunkered down' at the possiblity of an inch or two of snow today in Houston! :)

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Love the pictures of snow fun! And yes, it is all about perspective! :)

Much love,

Sheryl said...

When I first started looking at the pictures my thought was "How did they get so big??" and then you said it.

So glad you enjoyed your day together. It really is ALL about perspective!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

So true on the perspective thing! The weather men tend to hype up the storms around here, often. I wouldn't have exactly called our storm in NW Ohio a "blizzard"...but I sure enjoyed the snow days!