Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jacob Adam Bolte

Dear Sweet Jacob,

I sit here tonight reflecting on this past year.  Your birthmom was getting ready to give birth to you a year ago and we had no clue what amazing things the Lord had in store for our family.  Honestly, if I hadn't walked the road myself I'd find our journey almost unbelievable, but God moved mountains and brought you from Arizona right into our Pennsylvania home right where you belong.

You challenge me every day, Bubba.  You have more personality than your little body seems like it should hold and everyone knows it.  You flirt and smile at just about everyone.  You are truly happy most of the time and are more strong-willed and independent than I was prepared for. You love your brothers and your sister.  They make you laugh and cry and all emotions in between but you are most content when they are near especially when I come in to find one of them in your crib snuggling you.  I wish you could have known your brothers Isaac and Asher, as I am sure they'd be smitten with you as well, and I so look forward to the day we are all together again.

The Lord brought you to our family and we couldn't be more grateful.  You bring sunshine to each day as we look at you and see the miracle you are.  You are loved by more people than I could ever imagine and your family extends beyond anything I could have dreamed for you.  You have strengthened our faith in God and our family as a whole.

You've humbled me as a parent as you've brought parenting challenges I thought I'd never see having raised three babies already.  You scream and make yourself known when there is something you want and we are very eager to hear the words you desperately want us to hear from your screaming gibberish.  You gnaw your crib rails like a beaver so I've had to rig up make shift crib rail covers.  You are determined and once you make your mind up about something you don't give up, and while I do hope that you don't scream and chew your crib as an adult, I pray that tenacity stays with you.  You are so strong and have endured much and I cannot wait to see how God uses you in the future as He has already used your life in big ways in one short year.

You love just about all fruits except peaches and all veggies, especially sweet potatoes and avacado.  You've recently become much more independent in eating wanting to feed yourself.  You also love to play games with all of us as you throw everything on the floor and giggle while we pick it up.  I am eager to see what you'll do with cake tomorrow.  :)

You've got eight pearly whites with more coming.  You love to have your teeth brushed and you are going to be upset to give up that bottle.  You love your blankie and you nuzzle your face into it as  you go to sleep.  You are as mobile as any one year old I've ever seen, you are fearless and adventurous and will likely give me several heart attacks before you are even school age.

You have a VERY special relationship with your Daddy.  You beam as he walks in from work and don't leave his side once he is home.  Most nights you worm your way in to our bed and secure your space there by sweetly saying "da......da.....da", (your dad is convinced you are saying his name, I say you are singing and am holding out for ma ma ma).  You love to hum and dance and you LOVE when the Wild Kratts comes rock out to the theme song each day at 5 pm sharp!  ;)

Over all we are smitten with you and still have to pinch ourselves each day to believe God trusted US with YOU!  He has worked such a beautiful story in your life Jacob and I can't wait to live the rest of it out with you!  Your first year has been an absolute miracle and I have no doubt He has BIG plans for you and I am SO excited we will get front row seats.

So tomorrow we will spend a day celebrating you with family and friends, we will laugh, I will probably cry, and since the party is at naptime, probably so will you.  We'll eat good food and smash cake and eat open gifts, but the truth is, Jacob Adam, YOU are the gift.  A year ago we didn't even know you existed, and today, we couldn't imagine existence without you.  Happy Birthay, my son.  YOU are the gift.

You have taught me so many lessons I never knew I needed to learn and I thank God every single day for you sweet boy.  Your smile lights up a room and your sweet and strong spirit makes my heart swell.  You've grown our family in ways we could only have dreamed of and we are just honored and humbled to be your parents.  You are loved by SO many.