Friday, October 29, 2010

My Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What About Halloween?

I have recently been asked by many people my thoughts, as a Christian, on Halloween. My feelings on the holiday are ever changing, but for this year, here is my attempt at putting it into words. Growing up, we ALWAYS celebrated Halloween. My mom was into making us homemade costumes and decking the house out like Martha Stewart Magazine. Pretty much everything was made from scratch and perfect. We trick or treated at our grandparents' houses and around our little neighborhood. It was always fun. Each Halloween my mom would tell me the story of my coming into the world. On Halloween 1978 (I will be celebrating my second sweet sixteen this year :) I'll save you the math) My dad was passing out candy while my mom frightened young children by playing the organ very loudly and unexpectedly. She thought it was hilarious to scare young children I guess. HA! Anyway, she laughed and laughed as she played until she began to feel contractions. She apparently had even scared her own kid! :) So they left for the hospital and I was born the next morning.

So, Halloween always held fond family memories and fun. I have never really taken issue with the holiday. I am not one who enjoys being scared, so I have never really gotten into that side of things, but we always dressed up as Rainbow Brite or something and went on our merry way to collect the ONLY candy we would eat all year. (My mom was a STICKLER when it came to our diet).

Even in college and as a young adult I always carved pumpkins and handed out candy. I never saw anything wrong with it. Then we had Luke and I LOVED dressing him up and going out. I have always known lots of families who don't celebrate and honestly, I think that is okay too. I think that when it comes to this holiday it is really more a matter of the heart. I know that many say that it is an evil holiday and I am sure it can be if that is what you make of it. I have never really seen it that way. We have always trick or treated...until this year.

This year, my seven year old, blue eyed wonder sat next to me with tears in his eyes. He had been asked to think about what he wanted to "be" for Halloween this year and we had decided he, Ben and Hope would be Luigi, Mario and Peach. I was so excited and we were getting things together. I could tell there was something he wanted to tell me so I turned to him and asked what was wrong.

He began to sob. He said he did not want to dress up or do trick or treat. He said that it makes his heart feel sad that so many people make death seem like something creepy and gross. He reminded me that he held two of his OWN brothers as they died. He reminded me that it was anything but creepy and gross.

I lost it, I began to bawl. I had NEVER thought of things from that perspective. I held him as he cried and told him that we did not have to do anything that made him feel like that. That if it felt wrong in his heart that I was proud of him for telling me about it and I assured him that he could skip whatever traditions he wanted to.

Now, while I was BLOWN away by his sensitivity to the issue, I also was a little heartbroken. I was SO looking forward to dressing them up and making home made costumes like my mom did. (I am not gonna lie, I was also looking forward to raiding the pumpkin buckets for Reese Cups).

Howard has always thought it was a stupid holiday. He has gone along with things because I have pushed the issue. I talked with him about it and he said that we should skip it if Luke was feeling that way. I talked with Ben and he agreed, he'd rather skip trick or treat.

I am still struggling a bit I guess. We are still carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, and have plans to have donuts and cider with friends, but we will be finding a new tradition this year.

I am NOT in any way saying that I think that we should ALL quit celebrating Halloween. Honestly, my take on it is this...we know in our hearts what is right and what is wrong and if your heart clues you in that something feels wrong then, you shouldn't do it. To say though that ALL Christians should forgo Halloween is not for me to say. Honestly if it weren't for my son having trouble with it we'd likely still be doing it. I think Halloween has become a largely commercialized holiday like most others and am not thrilled with that aspect of it, but I think God is bigger than Halloween and I have no fear of it. I think people can pose a good argument for and against the holiday. So I guess I say, if you can go out and join in community and have fun, it is better to get out there and be Christ to others on Halloween than to hole up in your home and condemn those who do celebrate.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EB Awareness

This week is EB Awareness week. EB is the abbreviation for Epidermolysis Bullosa, the genetic skin condition that Isaac and Hope were born with.

What is EB?

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a rare genetic skin disease that causes the skin to be so fragile that the slightest friction can cause severe blistering—inside and outside the body. Today there is no cure. Severe forms of EB cause patients to live with constant pain and scarring. The worst forms of EB lead to eventual disfigurement, disability and often early death.There are many patients who are diagnosed with milder forms, which, while they can be extremely difficult to live with, are non-disfiguring and non-lethal.

The only treatment for EB is daily wound care and bandaging. The daily routine is a grueling, multi-faceted daily regimen. Caregivers, often parents or family members of EB children, must work in tandem with medical professionals to determine and administer different treatment methods to care for EB wounds.

With skin as fragile as a butterfly wing, EB patients are dubbed “Butterfly Children”. On the outside physical wounds prevent them from normal daily activities enjoyed by other children. On the inside, their dreams are the same as any child who loves, plays, learns and grows despite the pain and impediment caused by their disease. With the programs and services of Debra of America, EB’s Butterfly Children and their families find the support they so desperately need. Debra of America works to ensure that a life of struggle is also a life of hope for the 1 out of every 50,000 live births in the United States affected by EB.

This little blurb is from the Debra website. Debra is an AMAZING organization that is devoted to helping EB families and finding a cure for the disorder.

I would love it if you would take a moment and learn a bit about EB. There is such a lack of knowledge out there about it and awareness is the first step. If you then feel led to donate, PLEASE donate to Debra and help them find a cure.

I feel like I don't really have the experience to speak to what it is like to have a child with this condition since Hope's is so mild right now and I never really had the opportunity to care for Isaac, and I have fallen IN LOVE with several families through the blogosphere who are dealing with EB daily. I began searching for a community of people when Hope was diagnosed and honestly though I HATE EB, I can't imagine a more amazing group of people. The support is fantastic and these families live with a grace and love that most of us can't even fathom.

Some of the families I would love for you to get to know are:

Bella's family - Bella was just a few days older than Hope. I followed their blog intently because our girls were so close in age. I fell in love with each of them as they loved Bella the way no other family could have and as Bella endured a Bone Marrow Transplant in hopes of a cure. Bella went Home to Jesus this month and my heart just aches for her family.

Jonah's Family - Jonah was the first baby with EB that I read about. When I brought Hope home before she was diagnosed, many of you referred me to the Williams' blog. Jonah's mommy Patrice writes his blog and her writing is captivating. She is real, honest and has the best sense of humor. Jonah's blog gave me hope that even if things with Hope got worse, we would still find joy and learn how to best care for her. Jonah's mommy and daddy love him with a passion that is so evident from their blog.

Ella's Family - Ella's mommy reached out to me after Hope's diagnosis with words of encouragement and hope. When a child is diagnosed with EB there is a LOT of doom and gloom surrounding those first weeks and Ella's mom helped me see that Hope could live a great life in spite of her diagnosis. I will forever be grateful for her friendship and advice. Ella is an AMAZINGLY sweet little girl who just amazes me.

Leah's Family - Leah was a few months older than Hope. She was a gorgeous little girl who fought with such tenacity. Her story is one of courage and faith. Her family writes an inspiring blog. She went Home to the Lord last December and is now healed and pain free.

Tripp's Family - Tripp has the CUTEST cheeks I have ever seen. When I see his pictures I just want to KISS those cheeks! :) His mommy writes his blog and her writing is raw, honest, courageous and eloquent. She writes of what life is REALLY like as she loves and cares for Tripp. He is one of the most courageous kids I know and I am CERTAIN you will be blessed by his blog. His mommy created the picture above for EB Awareness.

Garrett's Family - Garrett's mom, Sara, is a WONDERFUL wealth of information and she has been so willing to share all o f her expertise with me along this journey. She is also living with EB herself and has multiple children with EB.

And I cannot complete this post without giving props to Ms. Geri Kelly-Mancuso, RN. Seriously. Having a newborn baby is overwhelming but getting that diagnosis of EB is enough to send a person over the edge. Geri has been an AMAZING support and resource for our family...she has talked me down from the ledge several times and reminded me to just enjoy Hope and take things one day at a time. I will FOREVER be grateful to her for her expertise! :) EB is overwhelming enough but when the majority of health care providers have no idea how to help your child without doing further harm it is downright frightening. Geri has been able to help us educate our own pediatrician and our family and I just can't say enough amazing things about this lady! :)

SO in honor of EB Awareness week, please take some time this week and educate yourself about EB, take some time to "meet" the families I listed above. I know you will be blessed by each one of them. I also encourage you to pray for these families and for anyone out there living with EB. And of course if you can, PLEASE donate to help find a cure!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fabulous Fall Fun

Fall is by FAR our favorite time of year around here! We love visiting the pumpkin patch, playing in the leaves, drinking cider, and sitting around a fire. Winters around here can be kind of long and tough to take, but fall makes it all worth it! Here is what we have been up to so far this fall!

The ski lift at Peek N Peak Fall Fest

It was a great ride!

We did LOTS of fun activities!

Check out the "Yellow Nightmare" :)

Bonfires are our favorite!

Family Hayride

Buried in corn!

Pumpkin slingshot!


Hope LOVED the slides!

Corn Angels! :)

Baby in a dump truck!

We LOVE the cornbox!

Dig, dig, dig!

My little pumpkin! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wave of Light

What the Bolte Family looks like in my heart

Sometimes I miss them so much it literally takes my breath away. Praying tonight for all parents who have been left breathless.
Please join me tonight in saying a prayer for all babies who are now in Heaven and for the families who miss them dearly. I never imagined I would be a part of this club, but am so thankful for ALL of the wonderful friends I have made along the way as they walk this sometimes lonely path. Today is National "Wave of Light" night. If you would, please light a candle at 7 pm in honor of all families who are grieving babies. One of the greatest things you can do for a friend who is grieving the loss of a child is just remember with them. Don't shy away, don't pretend it didn't happen...remember, talk about and honor them. Being a friend, even in the deepest darkest pits of grief and not shying away is the GREATEST gift you can give to a friend who has lost someone so dear, grief is sometimes a very lonely and isolating journey.

Go ahead and mention my child,
The one that died, you know.
Don't worry about hurting me further.
The depth of my pain doesn't show.
Don't worry about making me cry.
I'm already crying inside.
Help me to heal by releasing
The tears that I try to hide.
I'm hurt when you just keep silent,
Pretending she didn't exist.
I'd rather you mention my child,
Knowing that she has been missed.
You asked me how I was doing.
I say "pretty good" or "fine".
But healing is something ongoing
I feel it will take a lifetime.
~ Elizabeth Dent ~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Heaviness

It is tough to describe the heaviness that I have been feeling in my heart lately. I feel such a rush of conflicting emotions and sometimes I am finding them hard to process. My heart has been so heavy for the Ringgold family. I know all too well the pain of letting go of something so precious. I too have had to learn how to go on and live after losing so much. It sucks. It sucks the life right out of you. Grieving a child is a full time job and it is exhausting. My heart breaks for all they are going through and yet I know that it is in this place that they will see the hand of God move in a mighty way. It is strange, I feel like I miss Bella too and I have never even met her. She was just four days older than Hope and I have been following her journey for so long.

My heart also hurts for Tripp and his family as they are trying to figure out how to best care for him. He is one of the strongest little guys I have ever "known". He is battling an infection right now and could really use your prayers.

I am also in love with baby Jonah, he was the first EB baby I followed. When I had posted about Hope's condition before she was diagnosed so many of you pointed me in their direction and I am so grateful. Their blog gave me hope. Hope that even if things got worse with Hope's condition that we would still find joy. Though Jonah endures a lot and his mommy and daddy struggle, it is so apparent that they are grateful for him and love him so much.

Each of these kids live each day with a grace that is unfathomable to me. Even a loving touch can cause blistering and pain. Something as simple as feeding them breakfast can be a major ordeal. EB SUCKS! It is a horrible disorder.

After bringing Hope home from the hospital I can remember being gripped with fear. Fear of everything, fear of holding her, feeding her, bathing her, strapping her in her car seat, fear if she cried differently, fear of the boys touching her, I was on edge ALL the time. I had no idea how severe or mild her condition would be. That fear distracted me from a lot of the simple pleasures of newborn-ness. I hated EB then. Isaac had EB. Isaac's EB was worse than Hope's. He had blisters in his mouth, his diaper area, all over, likely because he required an incubator and lots of sticky stuff on his skin and we had no idea what EB was and the hospital had no clue as to how to handle it.

I say all of this because now, I rejoice that Hope has done so well. I am overflowing with gratitude that when I took her to the dermatologist last week they were amazed and astounded by her. Howard has a cousin who has also had a baby who has EB and their baby is doing as well as Hope. I am so thankful. I am thankful that Hope eats normal food, wears normal clothes, and aside from choosing her shoes carefully, not using band aids and being a little gentle, we make no other accommodations. Seriously, each day when I dress her I praise God that I am putting cute clothes on her and NOT changing bandages anymore. We are blessed.

And yet, with that gratitude comes a host of guilt. I feel guilty that Hope has exceeded all of our expectations while others are still suffering. I read the stories of these other EB babies and feel that any words I might offer are inadequate because I cannot fully comprehend their pain even though I too am a mom of two EB babies. I really have NO idea just how tough it is to care for an EB patient, because I never got to care for Isaac and Hope (aside from bandaging her legs the first six weeks of life) requires no special care (she IS spoiled ROTTEN).

My heart is heavy for these families and many others and I spend much time in prayer each day for each of them. For their hearts, for their health, and for their healing. I come here today asking that you too might pray for these families and all families dealing with Epidermolysis Bullosa. It is a disorder that so few know anything about. Just the thought of a trip to the ER with an EB baby is terrifying because medical care could do more harm than good. I can also say that within the EB community there is support like nowhere else. When Hope was born we were inundated with support, packages with wound care supplies, soft blankies, diapers, information, you name it. They are a group of absolutely amazing people. DEBRA is an organization that supports families dealing with EB. They have a nurse educator who is AMAZING and who I called on several occasions in a panic, who brought me down from the ledge and reminded me to enjoy Hope. They sent packages and information and were such a comfort to me in those days of fear and the unknown. As you pray for these families if you feel led to donate to DEBRA, in honor of these EB babies that would be great! Your support would be greatly appreciated! Please pass the word on...lets educate people out there about EB! Please visit the blogs of these families and offer your support and prayers. They are some of the most inspiring and amazing families out there!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She's Home

Yesterday Bella's body had had enough and the Lord welcomed her home. I never had the honor of meeting her but am heart broken nonetheless. Please stop by her site and offer her family your prayers as they figure out how to go on without her.

Monday, October 11, 2010



I come to you today, heart sick and on my knees. Bella is in desperate need of our prayers. Her heart stopped this morning and restarted on its own. She is fighting like crazy but her little body is going through it.

This family has been CONSTANTLY on my mind. Bella is the same age as Hope and after Hope was diagnosed with EB, I searched everywhere for other families to identify with. I have been following Bella from day one. I am more than grateful that the Lord has blessed Hope with NO symptoms of EB in the past year, but am heartbroken that other children have to deal with such a horrible disease. These kids live in constant pain. Something as simple as a hug or loving touch can cause blistering.

This sweet family was hoping for a cure and allowed their baby girl to go through a bone marrow transplant and it has been so very hard on her body. We know that ultimately, Bella belongs to God and has already been used in a MIGHTY way to further His kingdom, but as a mom who has suffered the loss of two of her own children, I cannot help but plead with the Lord for this sweet family to be able to keep sweet Bella with them. They have all been through so much.

Bella's dad Tim, said that Bella showed signs of improvement when he read her all of the comments from her blog, I would love it if you would head on over there right now and offer your kind words, prayers or stories of inspiration with them. Please join me in prayer for Bella and for her family.

CSN Review

I have been given the opportunity through CSN stores to review and give away products and thus far have been VERY happy with their site, service and product. They carry everything from unique coffee tables to car seats! :)

They have pretty much anything you are looking for in pretty much any price range. As I browsed through the site I was impressed with the selection and variety of items. If you are in the market for a new car seat, I highly recommend you stop on over to their site. They carry the Sunshine Radian 65 which is a seat that has allowed me to keep Luke in a five point harness and he is SEVEN years old. I also noticed that their seats are on sale for 20 percent off and there is FREE shipping!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So, yesterday I walked into my OB's office for a routine yearly check up. It is somehow easier these days. The office has moved and so the new (beautiful) building doesn't really stir up the memories that the old building did. I checked in, got my pager and took a seat. I looked around at the pregnant women sitting all around me wondering what their story was. Sometimes I seriously have to stop myself from running up to every pregnant woman and warning them that sometimes pregnancy is not followed by a blissful birth and healthy baby. I restrained myself and looked out at the sailboats all over the lake. My mind kept wandering, wishing I was sitting there, a naive pregnant woman filled with hope and joy for my future, unaware that an OB's office was anything but a happy place, anxiously awaiting my ultrasound to see if I would buy pink or blue.

My pager buzzed. I went back and stepped on the scale...ugh...this story goes down hill from here. Despite great effort, I have not lost a pound since my last appointment four months ago. I am weighing in at the heaviest I have ever been. It is frustrating and disheartening. I went in, had my blood pressure taken (which was excellent), undressed and waited for the doctor.

Now, I need to preface this next paragraph with this: My doctor, Dr. B, has been my OBGYN since I was 17. He knows me. He is a wonderful guy. He has walked through the teenage, college, and childbearing/losing years with me. He has taken my losses hard. He is a compassionate guy who has children of his own and I could tell it has always been hard for him to have to be the bearer of bad news. He is a GREAT doctor.

SO, back to the story...he walks in asks how the kids are, asks how my day is and says "Whew, can I just tell you how relieved I am that you are not pregnant or ready to deliver?" My heart stops beating momentarily. Tears well up in my eyes. I choke them back and nod. He goes on to ask about birth control, and how Hope is doing. He finishes the exam and asks how I am feeling physically.

The floodgates open. Tears begin to fall despite my best effort. I begin to tell him how awful I feel, I can't lose weight, I can't seem to regulate my sleep, my emotions or my monthly cycle. I am barely hanging on and I am sure I must be dying.

He puts his hand on my knee, and says, "Girl, you have had how many babies in how many years?" (FIVE in SIX), "Right, I know you want yourself back, and you will get there but you have got to cut yourself some slack. You are doing great. You have lost two babies, are a mom to three young kids, a wife, dealt with the diagnosis of EB for Hope, and JUST finished breastfeeding. I know you want to feel human again, and I promise is coming, but it takes time." I went on to tell him that I just felt like something must be wrong. He asked when the last time I had a Complete Blood Count test was. I had just had one a couple of months ago at my GP along with a Cholesterol, Diabetes, and liver panel. Everything was normal. He assured me I was fine. He encouraged me to eat well, get rest, exercise and call him in a couple of months if I wasn't feeling better.

I left the office feeling defeated. I know having more babies would not be great for my body, but why does my heart still want them so badly? Will it always feel like this because two of my babies will always be missing? Could I have five hundred kids and still feel incomplete? I know I am blessed, I know that, I hate that I still feel this way. I am 31 years old (I know November 1, is just around the corner but I am clinging to 31 with every breath), and yet I feel 82. I started a B12 and a D3 supplement this week in addition to my vitamin and am hoping it will help keep me healthy through flu season and maybe give me a boost. Sometimes something as simple and mundane as an OBGYN appointment can take it all out of you. I have to admit...I felt a little relief walking into a doctor's office NOT holding my breath to hear a heartbeat or see a developing baby, I get what he was saying and I am thankful he cares, it was a little like salt on an open wound though and it is still stinging.

The truth is, I am not a naive pregnant woman. I am a mom. A mom of five gorgeous babies that the Lord trusted me with. Three are here on earth and two are in Heaven and I am blessed. I sometimes daydream about going back to the age of naivety but if I am honest, I am learning to own my own story. The truth is that if I were to go back to life before pregnancy, and God told me, "Kristy, you will carry five babies in your womb. Each baby will bring immense blessings, but your second and fourth babies will join me in Heaven shortly after entering your arms. There will be loss and pain, but also joy.", if he told me that I'd still do it again. I would. In a minute. I hurt, it stings, but I am blessed...God chose me for this, I pray I never waste it. So, if you are a pregnant woman or a woman who is pregnant and you are reading this...NEVER fear. It is true, babies live and babies die. The truth remains, they are blessings, gifts from our God who loves us. They change us and help us become the people God wants us to be and even when it hurts it is an amazing privilege.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Prayers Please

This little girl is the same age as Hope. She has Epidermolysis Bullosa and has undergone a bone marrow transplant in hopes of a cure. She is fighting with everything she has, and her organs are beginning to fail. Her family has been so strong, they are wonderful advocates for their sweet girl. They could ALL use your prayers. Please stop by and let them know you are praying. Her daddy is reading all of the comments to her as they sit in the hospital. They would really appreciate your support!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Check this song out! I LOVE it! It is my new life anthem ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maximize Your Mornings

God has really been putting a lot of things on my heart lately and I am dying to share them but I really am not even at a place to put most of it into words just yet. Most of it deals with being more intentional with my time, as a woman of God, wife, and mother. I take my job seriously, but sometimes I get my priorities mixed up. Often times cleaning and housekeeping come before all of those other things and, well, while I FIRMLY believe that housekeeping is important, when things are not prioritized, all things tend to crumble, and while we are doing ok in the Bolte house, I see great room for improvement.

My goal here is to be a woman of God, a woman who has a passion and fire for our Lord, who is in the word daily and is living out the life God called me to live. I want to love Howard well and completely, I want to raise my children to love and fear the Lord and I hope to live out my life in a way that allows me to be the hands and feet of Jesus, living by example and not just by words.

One of the WORST times of day for me is morning. I am ashamed to admit it but in our household, our mornings go a little something like this...

6:50 a.m. Howard gets up and gets ready for work

7:10 a.m. Howard leaves and Hope wakes up.

7:11 a.m. I begrudgingly get out of bed to get Hope, I get her a drink and we snuggle on the couch and watch the morning news.

7:30 a.m. I go in to wake Luke and then go out to make his breakfast

7:35 a.m. I go in and remind him to get up.

7:40 a.m. I now coax him out of bed in a less than pleasant manner. ;)

7:45 a.m. Luke gets dressed and I continually ask him if he is done

7:50 a.m. He sits down and begins to eat

8:00 a.m. It is time for Luke to brush his teeth but he has still not even started eating

8:00 a.m. Luke crams as much food in his face as he can

8:05 a.m. Luke brushes teeth while I put his shoes on him.

8:10 a.m. I help him get his jacket on backpack on and out the door

The bus picks him up sometime between 8:13 and 8:16

I then begin getting the little ones breakfast and dressed for the day

At this point I am already out of steam. I feel like I have wrestled a giant and lost. I have sent Luke off to school all the while barking at him to move on to the next task. I feel like I send him off with a less than stellar start and I begin my day feeling defeated. It sets the tone for the day most days and I want better for my family. I don't want to give them what's left of me, I want to give them the best of me.

I have been praying on this for a while now, unsure of where to even begin and I feel like the Lord has really been telling me that I need to get up earlier. BEFORE everyone. I need to get myself up and together and right with the Lord before encountering my family and their needs. NOW, this is hard for me. I am a night owl by nature and I LOVE to sleep in. Hope still is NOT consistently sleeping through the nights and I am more than tired in the morning. I also struggle because we live in a small home so if I get up early, it tends to then wake everyone else and then I feel like my initial effort has been negated.

I have been fighting Him tooth and nail on this and coming up with every excuse in the book and I feel like today it has sucker punched me in the face. Every verse I went to, every click on the computer brought me to the conclusion that it is time. It is time to change my ways and get my hiney out of bed. EVEN if everyone else wakes up ten minutes after I get up, I will have at least had ten minutes to pray and get up. I will set myself right with the Lord and begin my day with Him so that He can shine through me the rest of the day. I will make my husband coffee and be sure his lunch is ready to go before he is up, I will send everyone off with a kiss and a smile, so that their days start in a way that will help them set the tone for a great day.

I came upon a blog today that I have fallen madly in love with. It is called Inspired to Action and the author there has started a Maximize Your Morning Challenge. I LOVE this idea, because for me a huge tool to keep me on track is accountability! I need others to hold me accountable. This week's goal is SIMPLY getting out of bed early. I would love it if you would check out this site, download the ebook and join us on this mission to become passionate homemakers who put God first, first in life and first in the day. If you have a blog, be sure to link up! I am so excited to see how God uses this to make me a better, daughter of Him, wife, and mom!

Kids Will Be Kids!

Rub a Dub Dub, 3 Boltes in a Tub

Four of the TOUGHEST guys I know!

Baby girl ready for a football game at Daddy's school, sporting her first shiner.

These boots were made for walkin'....and that's just what they'll of these days these boots are gonna walk all over YOU! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fifteen Months

Ok, so I have fallen behind. Hope turned SIXTEEN months this week, but we just had her Fifteen Month Well Baby Visit. Here is what's up...

Hope is weighing in at just over 17 and a half pounds and is 29 1/2 inches tall. The doctor isn't very happy with that. She has gained about a pound since her 12 month visit and has grown 2 inches. Her weight has fallen off the chart from the third percentile and the doctor wants me to start her on Pediasure STAT. After trying to wean her from her acid reflux meds (Prevacid) we decided she was not ready for that yet...she quit eating and sleeping within the week and is back to doing both now that she has been back on for a week. She is also having some trouble with her scalp. It is very dry and flaky and her hair seems to be thinning a bit on top. The pediatrician prescribed a cream because he was afraid it was a fungus...I am not so sure. I am going to take her to the dermatologist on Monday because she is due for a visit anyhow and see what they say. I have no idea where she would get a fungal infection since her brothers do not have it. I think she just has super sensitive skin and maybe I need NOT put pigtails in her hair all the time. We shall see. A second opinion never hurts right?

As for the weight gain, I have decided to take a wait and see approach. She has a weight check in a couple of weeks. I don't want to put her on Pediasure if it isn't absolutely necessary. I am trying hard to feed the kids whole, natural, real foods and the first two ingredients in Pediasure are water, and sugar. Plus a whole lot of chemicals and preservatives put into a can and sold as nutrition. (OFF your soapbox Kristy!) Anyway, we stocked up on foods she loves, avacadoes, yogurt, beans, bananas, and the like and are gonna try to do it the natural way.

Don't get me wrong. IF I really thought she was not thriving, I would do it, but she is...we counted...she says about 80 words, runs, walks, follows commands, plays, eats, and even has gone on the potty a couple of times. She is not lacking in development. She looks healthy and I am thinking she might be a small girl.

That said, the doctor's words still stick right there in the back of my mind making me doubt. We will see how things go in a couple of weeks and go from there. Otherwise she is doing great! She is just starting to sleep through the night. She goes to bed around 8, wakes up at midnight for a quick snuggle, and then has been sleeping until 7 or 8 which is HUGE for us!

What, Mom? I am fine!

Sitting on the step waiting with Luke for the Bus, eating a freshly harvested pepper in her brother's old Firetruck PJ's.

Roasted Red Pepper hummus by the spoonful!

So smart she is playing chess!

Black bean and pineapple salsa at Paladar on a girls day!

Hey, it's Moses! Oh wait! Those babies in baskets are the Boltes! :)

Getting SO big (despite the numbers) and such a happy girl!