Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five Wishes For Our Baby Girl

We are in the process of creating a life book for our sweet foster daughter as her case moves toward adoption. My homework for last week was to come up with five wishes I have for her. We love her so very much and are so grateful to know God loves her even more and is in control of everything.

5 Wishes For Baby L

1. That you will always know how loved you have always been, and that you are SO wanted and are such a gift.

2. That you will one day find someone who will love you so completely it makes everything else in the world much less scary. That is how I feel about your "dada", don’t settle for less.

3. That you will never muffle that contagious giggle you have. That you will belly laugh without concern for what people think, and always be as happy as you are today. Your smile lights up a room, let that light shine!

4. That you will grow to have faith and love your God. He loves you so much and has been with you EVERY step of the way. You will never be alone and there will be grace for every mistake you make.

5. That you will learn earlier than I did that gratitude breeds joy. Searching for joy in anything else only breeds discontent. Give thanks in all things. Sometimes it doesn’t come easy, sometimes you have to fight for it. NEVER give up that fight. Choose Joy in all things, even and especially in the hard stuff.

We love you to the moon sweet girl!


Sarah Rose said...

Great blessings to speak over her beautiful life!

ButterFly said...

U r such a wonderful mama. God bless u and all ur babies

Penny said...

This is so sweet! :)

Unknown said...

So glad to hear that progress is being made! May God continue to bless your family in this venture.