Sunday, March 28, 2010

March For Babies

Well, it is that time of year again! Time to March for BABIES! :) Team Isaac and Asher has been such a blessing to our family. Since we cannot celebrate birthdays, with our boys, holidays, milestones, this is our event! Our team kind of dwindled a bit last year from years past and we are hoping to get re-energized!

Our walk here in Erie County PA is on Sunday, April 25th at 1 pm. Registration begins at 11 and we will be tailgating in the parking lot beginning at that time! We would LOVE to have you join us! Just click the widget on the sidebar and click WALK WITH ME! :)

If you do NOT live in the area, there is likely a walk near you! You can walk for Team Isaac and Asher at your location! Just go to this site to find the time and date for a walk near you! Be sure to put Team Isaac and Asher as your team name!

This year Howard designed a "SUPER" cool tshirt! :) If you are walking with our team and would like to order one, they are 5 dollars (plus 2 dollars shipping if applicable) and I need to order within the next week, so please email me at with your shirt sizes and address if they need to be shipped to another site! We have kids and adults sizes so be sure to place your order TODAY!

IF you cannot walk but would like to donate, you can go to the widget at the left side of the page and click there to donate or you can contact me and I would be happy to make arrangements with you.

If you cannot walk, or donate, we really would covet your prayers for our event. It stirs up a lot of emotion in our family and it is a very important event for us. It is a LONG walk so we would also covet your prayers for every one's safety, and that the money raised would be put to good use, making sure ALL babies are born healthy!

I know it is a tough time of year to commit to anything, but it would mean the world to us to have your support in any way you can help. This cause is so near and dear to our hearts!

Friday, March 26, 2010

AND the Winner IS...


RANDOM.ORG generated number 21 and the 21st comment was from Kim!

Blogger Kim said...

I'm newly married and would love a crock pot to make my life easier!

March 19, 2010 2:47 PM

So, Kim, email me at with your name and address and I will get your BRAND NEW Crock Pot Shipped out to you ASAP! :)

Thanks everyone for entering! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fab Five Friday is that time again! Time to join Emily for Fab Five Friday. We all know this life is NOT about things, but there are things in life that we enjoy! Here are a few of mine! :)

1. ANYTHING from Tangled Daisies. Seriously. My friend Lisa makes THE coolest handbags and wallets and coffee cup sleeves, and well, just head over to her site and take a look. She is BEYOND talented. She goes to places like thrift shops and re-purposes the fabric to make AWESOME bags. Like she can take an old pair of polyester old man pants and make them into a gorgeous purse. HONEST! This is my new favorite thing at her store! :)

2. Cloth Diapers. Right now I am using mostly FuzziBunz because that is what was handed down to me, but I honestly wish I had cloth diapered all of my kids. It is FUN and not nearly as gross as you might think. I LOVE seeing a clothes line full of clean diapers drying in the wind!

3. French Press coffee. I know many of you love your fancy schmancy coffee makers, but this baby takes it back to the basics. You put the coffee in, you put the hot water in, you stir, you let it steep and push the plunger down. I dig my coffee more on the "put hair on your chest" side, but if you love coffee, this is THE way to have it. Starbucks will even do this for you with ANY of their coffees! :) You can get the whole press full and share it with is more economical than ordering individual drinks!

4. Katie Mihalak photography. Hope has become a REAL diva lately. She is in the separation anxiety stage and getting pictures done is not her favorite thing to do. Katie is always able to capture a few great shots despite how awful Hope thinks it is! You should check out her blog! One of her pictures was recently featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog, so yep, she is famous. :)

5. Ann Marie Boutique tutus and hair accessories

Hope won this tutu dress and headband in the photo contest she won. They are AMAZING! I mean, I was tempted to wear them myself after we got home and she went down for a nap, I am pretty sure if they would have fit me, I would have.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks Katie and Ann Marie Boutique for the opportunity at "Tutupalooza"...perhaps she will grow to love it? LOL!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tutu Model

Yep, that's right folks! She WON! :) Our baby girl is now a tutu model! Now we just need prayers for Tuesday, that she cooperates for the photo shoot, we are hoping she doesn't have a "diva moment" ! Can't wait to share pics! :) Thanks to ALL who voted! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fab Five Friday: Giveaway Edition

Happy Friday! Once again, I am joining my friend Emily, on her BlogCarnival, Fab Five Friday!

Here are my picks this week!

1. When I was pregnant with Hope and considering cloth diapers, a sweet blog reader sent me a Planet Wise wetbag for my diapers and I am just in love with it. I have the pink and brown one on the right in the back of the picture and it is amazing and makes cloth diaper washing a cinch! I just put the wet diapers in, take them to the washer, dump the diapers, turn the bag inside out, throw it in the washer and that is it, no touching of yuckiness! Plus, how cute are they? :) LOVE these!

2. Well, since this week was St. Patrick's day, I need to give a shout out to my one and only McDonald's LOVE. I am not a fan of the restaurant chain, but once these little beauties come out I am like a moth to a flame! :) I love the minty goodness of a Shamrock Shake! What is even better is if you can get your friendly McDonald's worker to give you half Shamrock, half chocolate! Oh dear! :)

3. Babylegs baby leg warmers

Like I mentioned above, I cloth diaper Hope. I WISH I had done it with my boys. It is actually fun! These sweet leg warmers make for super simple diaper changes. Hope's typical daily outfit is a long sleeved onesie, a cloth diaper, and a pair of BabyLegs! They come in SUPER cute patterns and they are NOT just for girls! They have adorable boy BabyLegs!

4. My, I mean, Hope's Nautica, Hannah Baby bedding set!

While I was pregnant with Hope and dreaming of all things girly, I loved searching through kids bedding looking for something pretty that could grow with her. I fell in LOVE with this set and we were gifted with it shortly after! :) Seriously, when I am having a moment where the kids are sucking my sanity out of me, I step in to Hope's room, it is pretty and calming and girly! I am trying to figure out a creative way to reinvent her bumper pads since she is now standing in her crib and can't have them as a bumper. If anyone has ideas on alternate uses I would love to hear them!

5. Crock Pots!

I had difficulty getting in to the Crock Pot groove, but now that I am here, it is a happy place to be! I love putting breakfast in before I go to bed and having a hearty breakfast ready for the family in the morning and I love throwing dinner in during the morning hours (while I still have a little energy) and having dinner cook all day and be ready when Howard gets home! I have become a HUGE fan of the Crockpot 365 blog.

This AMAZING Crock Pot Smart Pot is NOT the Crock Pot I own, but I have been eyeing them up and am thinking of making the investment soon. BUT, because I love you all and because CSN Stores has given me the opportunity to bless one lucky reader with an item of my choice, THIS my friends is the Crock Pot Smart Pot that could be ALL yours!

There are a few ways to get an entry. A winner will be chosen and announced a week from today.

1. Simply leave a comment

2. Join in the Fab Five Friday Fun and let Emily know you did!

3. Post about the giveaway on Facebook

4. Tweet about the giveaway

5. Check out the CSN website and let me know what your favorite item is.

6. Blog about this giveaway

*In order to get credit for each entry you MUST leave a comment for EACH one you do. So be sure to come back and leave a comment for EACH entry! I will be choosing a number using to choose which comment wins! Good Luck!

PS if you get a minute, check out my previous post and go vote for Hope in the Tutu Model Contest! :) Today is the LAST day to vote!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vote for Hope know that photo contest I wrote about in my previous post that Hope HAD been left out of? Well, as it turns out they had to start over and they included Hope this time! YAY! SO...if you would, go to this website and click on Babies and One Year olds. Look for Hope's sassy nine month photo with Birthday Lamby, and then email and put Babies and Ones:Hope in the subject line to vote for our girl! :) I would LOVE for her to win the tutus and bows and photos for her first birthday that is approaching! :) One vote per email address! :) Thanks everyone!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Am Not Forgotten

"You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."Exodus 20:16-18

This weekend a few of my sins have become glaringly obvious to me and while I am ashamed to admit how much I struggle with sin, it is the truth. I know better, I know what God's word says, and yet, time and time again I find myself in this place where sin is taking over my heart.

Oddly enough one of my triggers is often the zoo. Weird? Maybe, but at the zoo especially I find myself looking at other families with a covetous heart. The Bible is clear. We are not to covet what someone else has, whether it is their money, home, children or ox. The verse above states "or ANYTHING that belongs to your neighbor". CLEAR as glass my friends. Yet I see a family from afar who looks like the family I long for. Five children. Four sweet (I know, I know, looks are deceiving) boys and a baby girl. I swear the zoo was CRAWLING with them this weekend.

I gaze at these families longing to know the chaos of having five living children, four boys fighting fiercely, yet loving eachother passionately enough to stick up for the other. I know that from where I stand each of these families "looks perfect" but just as they do not know my story, I do not know theirs, I have no idea how heartache has affected their family or what trials they have endured. I do not know what their "perfect family" looks like and yet I stand there, eyes glazed over, in la la land, coveting their family. I can't help but wonder if the Lord has forgotten me and my longing for a big family.

I caught myself doing it several times and when we got home I found myself in a pit. I was emotioal and moody. My heart was not right, I was abrupt with the two sweet boys that I DO get to raise, and I snapped at the husband who has helped to carry me through the darkest hours of my life. Again, I sinned. I swear, one sin lead to another. if that were not enough I sat down to check email once everyone was in bed, I had been waiting all day to get home to check a particular website because I had entered Hope in a photo contest. The winner would receive a tutu, bows, and a photo session and I was so pumped to get her entered. So pumped in fact that I entered her immediately when I saw the opportunity. As I searched through the pictures of all of the sweet girls who had entered, Hope's never appeared. Tears began to well up in my eyes. Surely, she had NOT been forgotten.

Hope had been forgotten. I had followed directions. I did exactly what I was supposed to do to get her entered, and yet, she was forgotten. I am more than ashamed to admit that when I realized that her entry had been overlooked I sat and wept. I felt like a complete idiot, yet I could not stop the tears. So many times in this lifetime, I have felt forgotten. I know it is not the truth. I know that despite my sin, time and time again, my God forgives me and has NEVER, NOT ONE TIME, forgotten me, and yet sometimes it does feel that way.

Now, my baby girl had been forgotten, the baby girl that I look at every day as the incredible miracle she is. My wanting for her to win this contest had NOTHING to do with the winning of a tutu or bows or photos (though that would have been cool), it had to do with the fact that I am so eager to share my girl with the world. Looking at her each and every day is a reminder to me that the Lord is doing a new thing in my life. He has allowed great sorrow, but also great joy. He has given, and He has taken away. He has allowed the uncertainty of EB and yet he is bringing us through. I want to shout from the rooftops how joyful I am that I have gotten to keep her. My heart is broken, yet still beating, because of Him. She in no way makes up for her brothers' absences, but has brough a new kind of joy, I wasn't sure was possible for our family again. This was my chance to show her off! To show the world what the Lord can do. She has EB, we were told she would likely not be able to even wear a tutu, let alone be a model for tutus! It seemed perfect to me.

"Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you." (Isaiah 49:15)

There, sitting on my bed, weeping because of an honest mistake, in an inconsequential contest, I felt the hand of God upon my shoulder, reminding me that, he doesn't need that contest to show the world what he can do, just as I don't need what other families have, while my family may not be perfect here on earth, it will be some day, and I don't need a contest to show my daughter's worth. She is a miracle, and she is loved by God, and each of my sweet children are children of the Lord. I often feel as though Isaac and Asher have been forgotten, and the more time that passes from the time they entered Heaven, the more I fear that they have been forgotten.

The thing is sometimes we do everything right, and still feel forgotten, and sometimes we feel like one giant mess and wonder how He could love us in spite of the ugliness in our hearts. I am not sure how or why, but the Bible tells us He does. No matter how much ugliness surfaces, no matter how many times we fail, He loves us. He never forgets us and he knows each of us by name. Perhaps I needed this reminder. Hope may have been forgotten as an entry in a model contest, but will NEVER be forgotten by her Heavenly father. People always let us down, He never does. He promised NEVER to leave us or forsake us, and He won't, and tonight that is what is bringing great comfort to my ever broken heart. I am headed to bed tonight with a grateful heart. Grateful for my wonderful husband, and for each of my five miracle babies. I get to have two waiting for me in Heaven and three on this earth to help grow and learn and I do not take that responsibility lightly. I don't want to waste a minute that I have with thes precious ones being ungrateful or covetous. I have been blessed. We are never promised a tomorrow, right now is all we have and I am so glad I have the family God chose for me to share it with! We are NOT forgotten.

For the LORD your God is a merciful God; he will not abandon or destroy you or forget the covenant with your forefathers, which he confirmed to them by oath.Deuteronomy 4:31

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fab Five Friday

Again, I decided to join Emily in her Fab Five Friday, Blog Carnival! We all know that "things" are not what is most important in this world, but we also know that as parents, wives, women, there are products out there that DO make life just a little easier. Here are my picks this week!

1. Okay, I am so excited about this first "thing". I have really been struggling lately with sleep. I am not a big believer in letting a baby cry it out, but my boys transitioned easily to their beds from co-sleeping. Hope just wants to be on me EVERY minute of every day. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but my marriage was suffering for it. I NEVER had any time for my awesome husband. I was beginning to feel twinges of resentment because I never had a moment to myself or with Howard, and was frustrated and discouraged that every time I discussed our sleep issues, all I got was a "cry it out" answer. If "cry it out" is your thing, that is fine, but for us, I just can't do it. When I put my baby in their crib and walk away and I get that look of terror, confusion, and despair, I cannot take it. Babies cry to communicate and I try to be sensitive to their needs, but was losing my mind! A friend (who survived TRIPLETS using this) recommended this book and we are really seeing progress! It is not a miracle cure, but is such great advice and it really does work.

1. The No Cry Sleep Solution

2. Wii, Just Dance

This one is just plain fun! We have a blast with this game, rocking out to songs like, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (don't tell Howard I told you, but he rocks at that song!) :) It is fun, great exercise and provides fun for the WHOLE family. Ben even does well!

3. Exersaucers

This is the ONLY way I get dinner ready. Hope LOVES hers (though it isn't quite as cool as the one pictured. She can really get it jumping, and the only drawback is that once she gets to rockin' that thing is LOUD!

4. Dark Chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Seriously, do I need to say anything else? As if the Mini Egg could not get any better? Dark Chocolate is amazing!

5. Pinkalicious

Given to us as a shower gift by Aunt Heather, this was Hope's first book. She already adores it! It is a super cute story. Even the boys like it, but don't tell them I told you so. :)

So there you have it! My favorite "things" this week, though my TRUE favorites are not things at all!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's What You Wear From Ear To Ear

On Sunday, my mommy was sick. My daddy let her stay in bed for a while. He had been waiting to put this camo sweatsuit on me since the day I was born. I guess my Great Aunt Penny made it for my brother Luke and he and Ben both wore it. I am pretty sure she never intended for me to wear it, but Daddy had other ideas, this was his chance, Oh I was so embarassed!

Seriously, I was mortified that my Dad, dressed me like a boy and then, to make matters worse my mom took my picture when she woke up. (She added the bow, she had ordered it by mistake, it was supposed to be lime green, but it showed up construction worker yellow and she could not think of a better outfit to add it to)

I REFUSED to allow the orange Crocs to remain on my feet to complete the ensemble, I mean a girl has to draw the line somewhere.

But then again, here is proof that I am beautiful no matter what they put on me!

I mean, they say, "It's what you wear, from ear to ear, and NOT from head to toe that matters" RIGHT?

BUT, Aunt Penny, if you are out there, maybe a PINK camo sweatsuit? PLEASE?!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Super Heroes?

Tonight Ben found a pair of "Mr. Freeze" PJs in a box of hand me downs we got from friends last week. He was SOO pumped and immediately put them on. He ran and got his super hero cape that "Grandma Bolte" made for him and a pair of his shades and...


Meet Mr. Freeze!

"Who will protect the world from my super freezing powers?"

Meet, Mr. Flamer (yep, that's right, he made it all up himself)

But will Mr. Flamer's powers be enough to stop Mr. Freeze?

Stay tuned! :)

(check out those guns! (that is if you can get past the baseball socks and medical tape F on his muscle shirt! :))

We surely are blessed to have such super heroes in our home!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow What Fun!

King of the fort!

Happy Cousins!

Pile up!

Snow buddy! :)

The snow was awful wet for snowman building but they made a valiant effort!

Well, here in Northwestern Pennsylvania, seasonal affective disorder has begun to set in and despite super cold temperatures we needed to get OUTSIDE and run off some energy so we did just that! Daddy built a fort and the boys (including cousin Andrew) had a ball!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

So...My friend Emily has been doing something on her blog called Fab 5 Fridays. She highlights five "things" that she loves or that make her life easier. Her rule is that she is supposed to stick to "THINGS", but she is a rebel and does break that rule sometimes. I thought it would be fun to join her so here goes!


The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. These things are AWESOME. I have just learned to make home made bread using the dough hook on this and it works great! I love it for mixing all things from cakes to mashed potatoes and as a bonus, the white noise it makes soothes a cranky baby. :)


I often don't have much time for getting "made up" in the morning, but have found this make up to be the best by far! It is made of all natural ingredients and is very gentle and natural looking yet provides amazing coverage for the darkest of circles under those sleep deprived eyes! My sister turned me on to this and I don't think I will ever turn back! PS you won't even break out if you fall asleep in it! (not that I ever go to bed before washing my face:) )


Three words...FIVE BLESSED BOWS! Seriously these things are fabulous! I LOVE them. They are wonderful quality, the headbands are comfy and stretchy and don't leave marks on baby's head and the gripper bows are phenomenal. They stay put even when you put a winter hat over them!

If you have a little girl and do not have these bows...go right NOW and get some! They have some adorable Easter bows. Don't forget to tell them I sent ya! They have a referral program where you earn free bows for referrals! :) Thank you to Christy for opening my eyes to this whole wonderful world of bows!


The Streams in The Desert Devotional. My mother in law brought this to the hospital while I was recovering after having Isaac and it has been like my daily bread every day since. I have read it four times through and each time my eyes are opened to new things. The Word hits me at a different spot in life and I learn new things each time! It is uplifting and really with this book there is NO excuse not to at least do daily devotions each day. They are short and profound!


Slings! This one is the Peanut Shell, which I keep in my on the go bag for grocery store trips and such. They are not bulky and fit in my bag nicely. I also love the patterns. Hope doesn't like to EVER be put down so I am a HUGE fan of babywearing! Slings are my carrier of choice these days now that she likes to just sit on my hip. I do wish I had a stretchier one though now that she is bigger...any suggestions?

So maybe you have five things that have made your life easier this week! Join in the fun and join Emily's Fab Five Friday! :)