Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adoption!? Only God.

As I sat through our last round of foster care classes I felt heavy and burdened...I couldn't help but think of the birth parents of these children and how broken the world is. I know it is different, but losing a child on any level is devastating. I don't wish that on anyone. The week of Asher's birthday we got a phone call from a mom...a mom who just had a baby...who loves him more than she thought possible...and who wants the best for him. She knows she cannot care for him now and wants him to grow up in a loving and supportive family, yet she still wants some contact. She chose us. She asked us to raise her son. We weren't looking for this...and it found us...the week of Asher's birthday.

Typing those words, brings tears to my eyes. The magnitude of all of it is overwhelming. Who does this happen to? This stuff doesn't happen does it? I mean it seemed like something on a Lifetime movie, and yet it all seems to be falling together. We may get to raise her sweet son, and expand our family through an open adoption, including her and her family in our family, they are great and my head is still spinning.

I am as surprised as you might be when I say, "it appears the Bolte Family is ADOPTING." There is little boy in a state far far away, in a NICU who is struggling. He has a mom who loves him very much and an extended family who loves him too. His mom is just not at a place where she can care for him, needless to say, our family is expanding. We are excited and apprehensive. He is under the care of some fabulous doctors, he has some special needs and is as CUTE as can be. We know that God is just beginning to write his story and he is going to have an amazing story to tell.

Time is critical as we need to get our ducks in a row before his release from the hospital and it is going to take an act of God to make it happen logistically and financially. We'd love to hear your advice and experiences, from those of you who have adopted yourselves or have resources to share. We are feeling excited but also overwhelmed at what God is calling us to.

If you would pray with us for the baby, his mom, and her family we would appreciate it so much. We know God is in control of all of it. If you feel led to donate to help us bring him home please feel free to click the chip in button on the side or contact me via email and I can send you our address. I had no idea that even for a straightforward adoption such as his, costs are high, especially since it is out of state. I have spent the day on the phone and feeling overwhelmed, but in the end I know if it is His will, this baby will be a Bolte very soon. I can tell you that I love him already and I love his mom. I know God does too and that He will work all of this out to His glory!

Many plans are in a man's heart, But the counsel of the LORD will stand.
Proverbs 19:21

I have LOTS more details to share but I feel like I have been researching and talking on the phone nonstop and I need to go snuggle the babies already in my home. Again we covet your prayers and support. Honestly...this was the last announcement I expected to make, yet I am beyond humbled that the Lord is even considering our family for something so amazing.


bri said...

Oh wow... I 'by chance' was on fb and saw your post scroll by... OH MY! I am in tears! How amazing!

You sound like me. I always feel like taking the mom in too. I have such a heart for these moms and it is so hard watching them say goodbye. I do know God's will is sovereign and just... but the heart of man is feeble and it is what causes us to love so much. You will be great parents to that sweet sweet baby!
If you need anything contact me at I will be happy to help if I can :)... CONGRATULATIONS!

Danae Hudson said...

I don't know if you know Amy Block or her blog (, but her blog has great support for those adopting and she often is able to rally support for people in a matter of days. She has a beautiful heart and is big blessing!

I pray for God's grace and mercy for you and your family :)

asplashofsunshine said...

EXCITING! I really don't have advice from the adoption side of it, but I do work in "the system" for foster care. I guess I'd just say to keep your heart wide open to the sweet boy, his birth family, and of course, don't forget about yourselves. The wait to finalize this whole exciting event in your lives will probably seem like eons.

Oh wait, one bit of advice... blog blog blog as much as you are legally able to. I'm sure one day you'll love to look back on it.

Can't way to hear more about the cutie pie!

Liz said...

WOW!! I have been reading your blog for a while now, but I've never commented before. I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to adopt!! We just adopted our first child - a baby girl (domestically) born in January '11. You can read our story at my blog...but I wanted to tell you about an amazing resource: "Adopted for Life" is the name of the book. I can't think of who it's written by at the moment, but it is an INCREDIBLE book that gives the big picture of adoption and the theology behind it. Awesome. :) I can't wait to see what big mountains the Lord moves in your adoption story!! I know He'll bring in the finances you need...He certainly did for us!! :) Praise the Lord!

Penny said...

Wow!!! I know you're heart is about to explode. What a remarkable, amazing testimony this child (and all of his parents) will have. :)

Unknown said...

Only God, my friend...only God. :)

Unknown said...

Only God, my friend...only God. :)

Crystal Theresa said...

This is amazing news. I am praying for you and this little one.

zanesmommy said...

WOW!!!! So amazing how god answers prayers and how His plans are so different from ours. I know there are grants for parents adopting, I found it confusing because the money was only available after there was placement. But these are grants! I can't remember where I found all of them but I remember that Show Hope was a source of information. Praying for your family through this new and exciting adventure. Can't wait to hear more about the adventure.

Annalien said...

Wow! May God's light continue to shine ahead of you as you walk this new and unexpected road.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news that only God could bring about. You and your family will be in our prayers!

My husband and I are walking a very similar road. We were contacted in September and asked to adopt my cousins baby that was due in December. We hadn't told anyone in the family that we had a desire to adopt, the birth mom and family felt lead to contact us. Isn't God AWESOME! Our expense hasn't been to extreme, but we do live in the same state as the birth mom. We've had our sweet girl since 36 hours after she was born. Her adoption isn't final yet, due to some unexpected complications, but we are prayerful that it will be final soon.

Lydia Nichole said...

I just discovered your blog today. You are a strong, amazing woman. I will keep you and your family in my prayers! Thinking of you and praying all goes well with the adoption process!