Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pleading for Your Prayers

I came here this morning hoping to write about some of the thoughts I have had recently, but at the moment my mind is on only one thing and it is not myself or my family. I have been praying for another family who's little girl Ashley is very sick. It seems she is getting worse and I sit here weeping for her momma, who is faithfully sitting by her little girl's side watching her struggle and suffer. I have known just a little of that pain and cannot imagine enduring the way she has. It is difficult to believe that God is anywhere near when things like this happen and I know she could use all of our prayers. I can only imagine that she is so weary and broken that we need to pick up her mat and carry her to Him. Please pray for sweet Ashley, and please pray for her family. Mommy who is helping care for her and the rest of the family who is back at home missing mommy and Ashley. This is such a hard situation and my heart is fully broken for them all today. Please visit their blog and let them know of your prayers. http://ashleyadamsjournal.blogspot.com/

Thank you all so much!


Michelle said...

Absolutely! I have had Ashley and specifically her Mommy too on my heart all night long. I simply cannot imagine the pain her heart is going through watching her precious child suffer. Many prayers on her behalf. Very kind of you Kristy to remind us of this mama in need of prayer! Michelle

Rachel said...

I am another follower of Ashley and her sweet mama's blog and have been praying for them the past few weeks. Joining with you all in prayer.
Rachel in PA