Thursday, August 20, 2009

Six Years Ago I Became a Mommy

Six years ago on August 20th Luke was born and made me a Mommy. My life was forever changed from that moment and I am so glad it was.

Luke was five weeks early. My water broke the evening of the 19th as we were getting ready to have family over for my Mother In Law's birthday. I was terrified, not knowing if it was "too early" as I had always been told I would likely go overdue with my first baby.

We raced to the hospital, but not much happened. It was a slow labor but on the afternoon of August 20, on his grandma's birthday, Lucas Robert Bolte made his appearance, weighing in at five pounds three ounces. He was healthy and perfect.

Today he is our big boy who is about to start Kindergarten next week. He has a type A personality (I have no idea where he gets that from) From the time he could sort toys he always like things neat, put away, and put away properly. He is a rule follower and likes order. He is smart as a whip (I am NOT biased). He learned his alphabet by eighteen months and could write his name at two. He LOVES math and can do double digit addition and subtraction and is working on division...all on his own...he is curious about everything and I love that about him. He is thoughtful and gentle (his little brother has a tendency to be the winner in any physical altercation, I mean if there were such things in our house, which of course there are NOT because my kids are perfect).

Some of Luke's favorite things are, the color blue, sports of any kind, anything on wheels or construction anything. He loves being outside and fishing and playing at the lake. He could eat a whole cheese pizza if I let him, he also loves spinach, celery, carrots, green beans and ANY fruit. His favorite drink is unsweetened iced tea, and if given the choice of snack he will choose a salty one versus sweet.

This morning, Ben got up first and could barely contain himself as he and I adorned the kitchen in Monster Truck decor for breakfast. He kept proclaiming "Luke's birthday is startin' up!" We then got ready and went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, along with everyone else in Erie County.

We then came home and decorated an "Ocean Cake" per Luke's request, and the cake itself HAD to be blue so I mixed in a box of blue Jello and Blueberries and it was actually quite good. Howard and Ben decorated the cake with candy fish and rocks while Luke, Hope and I went to school to meet Luke's new teacher and see his classroom. We then came home and had some family and friends over to share our ocean cake.

We are now officially birthday-ed out. I am so thankful I get to be a mom, through the good and the not so good, it is worth EVERY minute. Children certainly are a gift and Luke was certainly a perfect first "gift". He started me out easy, making me think I had this parenting thing all figured out, giving me confidence as a mom and in my mommy instincts, which would by subsequent children be shaken as I learned that I NEVER have anything figured out and the only One I can trust is God.


ShEiLa said...

It looks like Luke is a fun kid to have around. Playful with a sense of humor.


Penny said...

Luke is precious! He sounds too good to be true.
My grandmother's birthday was today and my niece's too. Our first granddaughter was born on my husband's birthday 8 years ago, making him a "Poppa!" How do our other kids top that present?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing , It's very nice blog.
Have a nice day.

Devin said...

All I can think is: WOW! If he can do all those things, K is going to be a breeze!

Happy birthday Luke!

So glad God gives us the chance to parent these precious littles...

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like Luke is going to be a future engineer.

He is sure a cute boy. Happy Birthday Luke.

Rachel K.

Amanda said...

I like to think that the day we became mommies for the first time is our own personal Mother's Day. So, Happy Mother's Day!!
Happy birthday, Luke!!

Hilary said...

Aw, what a sweet boy you have :)
Happy birthday, Luke!!

Dorsey said...

What a great picture of Luke. (the close up of his face) I would love to see it on your side bar. I'm new at photography, bought a Canon Rebel and have started practicing. I'd love to take a class and some day be as good as your friend.

The Pittsburgh Hites said...

Happy Birthday Luke!! We can't wait to see you soon to give you your present! Sorry we missed that ocean cake, it sounded YUMMY! But your mommy and daddy always make the best cakes!!
See you soon!!!

Tiffany said...

He sure is a handsome little guy Kristy! :-)