Friday, July 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Since many of you have written with questions about our new budgeting and quest to get debt free, I have decided to continue with the Thrifty Thursday Posts. I am also working on getting a new blog up and running that will chronicle our thrifty ideas and plans to become debt free more in detail as I am not sure that is the direction I want this blog to go, yet I am excited so many of you have shared ideas with me and are interested in doing the same thing!

Today I headed out with a few coupons to do a little shopping...I always limit myself when I am taking a child or children as it IS tougher with the kids to balance coupons, finding the right items, working out scenarios and keeping kids from wrecking the place.

I first stopped at Rite Aid. They were out of a few things I had stopped by for, but was able to get the Stayfree Maxi Pads. I got 4 packages for FREE! They are buy one get one free this week and I had a BOGO coupon...making both packs free! I had two coupons so I got four packs!! I also got a Crest Pro Health toothpaste on sale for 2.99 with a 2.99 rebate. I used a 1.00 coupon for Crest and a 1.00 Up+ reward and paid .99 out of pocket and will get 2.99 back! I made 2.00! :)

Then I headed to Giant Eagle. I have written before that I cloth diaper. I do. 95% of the time. We recently took a little trip and I used disposables and we have a few overnighters planned in the next couple of months and I have not figured out the "traveling with cloth diapers" thing out yet so I wanted to stock up. I prefer to use ONLY Chlorine free diapers that list the ingredients in the diaper on the package, so that leaves us with Seventh Generation diapers. They can be pricey! They run 10.99 for a jumbo pack of 35 size 3 diapers.

Giant Eagle is running a deal now and if you have a child in diapers and a Giant Eagle nearby, run to your nearest store for this deal! It is AWESOME! When you buy 2 packs of Seventh Generation Chlorine Free wipes, for 7.00 you get a FREE jumbo pack of Seventh Generation Diapers! That is 7.00 for two packs of wipes and one pack of diapers, which is a good deal, but it is made better when you use coupons. Go HERE and print each coupon twice. After coupons today I got 3 packs of diapers and 6 packs of wipes (ALL CHLORINE FREE) for a whopping 12 dollars! YAY!

What are your favorite deal seeking sites or deals for the week?


Michelle said...

I love the idea of having a seperate blog to share what works for you. I admit you have me stumped on the $30 in groceries a week... I just don't know how that works but I would like to! ;)
I am going to start the Dave Ramsey class in Sept and I look forward to learning some new tips to get us in the right direction to become dept free. Thanks for sharing! Hope your family is doing better this week! I prayed for you!

Ronda said...

Thank you for still doing the thrifty thursday! I am still learning about coupons but the sites you recommended are a huge help! I haven't gotten anything for free yet, but I am trying to find coupons for everything I need before I go to the store. I saved about $25 with coupons last week, but my bill was still $100.25. I'm learning I guess, but I just never see my bill getting down to $30 a week.