Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, season’s greetings and “Police Mommy Dad” to you all, and hope you are enjoying the Christmas “spearment.” There are so many of you that surely we’ll miss out on many opportunities to visit and catch up with you over the holidays. The time and energy being increasingly drained from our families is certainly stressful, especially at this time of year. In fact, if by chance you had the opportunity to come visit our house and family recently, you would’ve quickly realized just how stressful and confining life can get, and in order to survive here, there are certain things you just can’t do. CAN’T… I mean, if you do, your life will be pained in some way.
For instance, you can’t call Luke “Lucas” or Ben “Benjamin,” and certainly don’t use his middle name (Oliver) or he’ll just go nuts. You can’t eat a warm meal, eat breakfast before lunch, or drink warm coffee. You can’t get Ben to finish any meal in less than an hour, go more than an hour without wiping a behind, wipe your own without an audience, and can’t help but be glad you aren’t in a public restroom, because inevitably every time you are you must say “Shhhhhh, nobody wants to know that.”
You can’t sing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” without the proper intro (you know Dasher and Dancer and…), can’t say “stupid,” “dumb” or “shut-up.” However you can say “dang it,” but then so will Hope so just don’t. You can’t tell Hope to sit, ‘cause when she repeats that it just sounds very in appropriate, and it just so happens that she likes to say “sit” the most in the grocery store. You can’t get though a sentence… what was I saying?... without saying “STOP, STOP” or “NO, NO.” You also can’t say things only once, know why you ever ask anyone to do anything, or understand how a child’s mind works.
You can’t get a full night’s sleep, get to sleep in, watch anything on TV but PBSkids, Nick Jr. or Disney Channel until after 5:00 pm. You can’t watch any show or movie from start to finish, fold laundry only once, or get your clothes put into drawers before you need to change the ones you are wearing because of snot, spills or puke (that is not your own.) You can’t leave the house without hearing “I want to stay home!” or come home without hearing “I don’t want to go home!”
You can’t get through bedtime without wondering to yourself “could they go one more day without a bath?” You can’t tell anybody to do anything without having them whine grunt, growl, stomp around or ignore you. You can’t let Luke go first, keep the floor clean, the toilet seat dry or the table un-sticky. Can’t talk on the phone, well I suppose you could, but you won’t hear what the person on the other end has to say back. Regardless you likely won’t find the phone anyhow… or the remotes, the keys, wallet, or pretty much anything within 3 feet of the floor. And although Hope has developed quite a vocabulary, her memory is lacking… she can’t remember where she leaves anything. However, walk around long enough in the dark and you’ll find it… or at least your barefoot will… ouch!
Anyhow, you can’t keep any electronic devices with knobs, buttons, lights, cords, or anything breakable in good working condition, unless it is a toddler toy… those are all in mint condition. You can’t keep smudges off the windows, TV or appliances. You can’t argue with a 4 year old, even about simple things like what day of the week it is… well again, you can, but there are better things you can do with your time like getting a root canal. Oh yeah, you can’t keep teeth in a 1st Grader either… or wake him up in time for school… or get him to sleep in on the weekend. You can’t know what he did in school that day, help him with his homework (he knows everything) or know whether or not he actually ate his lunch. Can’t get him to play outside, yet can’t keep him from running, bouncing and climbing all over the house either.
You can’t sit down, open the door all the way, think, read, cry, be afraid, ask for help, concentrate, have a conversation, take a normal vacation, make sense, get sick, have pillows on the couch or rugs on the floor. You can’t remember if you are repeating yourself, and you can’t expect anyone else to ever want to visit this house let alone want to babysit the kids.
But…if you were crazy enough, brave enough and open-minded enough and actually did, then you would also know that you can’t enter this home and not be THANKFUL! You can’t help but feel loved. You can’t resist laughing, sometimes until you cry or pee (both of which I said you can’t do, but will do inadvertently.) You can’t ignore the Christmas spirit, or deny that children can know about Jesus… who he is and what he has done… sometimes even better than adults. You can’t help but want to do everything in your power to share this undeserving gift with everyone. In fact, this may be one of the most unjust situations in this world… that so many families are being denied a love that can be so freely given… our house is full to the brim with His blessings and love and we have to do better at sharing that gift with the world.
May you and your neighbors be blessed in 2011 and receive God’s goodness, and may we all become the hands and feet to go out and deliver it.

Much Love,
The Bolte Family
Howard, Kristy, Luke, Ben, and Hope
Isaac and Asher, always in our hearts


Wodzisz Family said...

Merry Christmas and have a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Laughed and smiled through this true, so real.

Wishing you and your family a joyous celebration of Christ's birth!

Much love,

Ellie said... house is the same way (I have a toddler and 4 year old as well). Merry Christmas!

Penny said...

Love the post. Totally describes life with little ones. Enjoy it! your empty nest will come before you know it. Then, God gives us grands to fill our hearts~ and blogs. Love them and send them home. lol
Merry Christmas Bolte family. :)

Unknown said...

BEST, MOST HONEST Christmas letter. Ever.

You are not alone Kristy. I'm not going the school thing, but peeing with an audience, whining about *everything*, arguing about what day of the week it is, losing this ALL THE TIME, talking on the phone being an idiotic task (I ran away from them yesterday and talked in the bathroom for the 30 seconds it took them to realize I'd run away and make it up the stairs), and the destroyed household and ... and ... and.

Merry Christmas! Police MommyDad! Thanks for reminder that I'm blessed in my chaos. :)

Brookeanne said...

LOVE IT! Great job keeping it real :)! Merry Christmas to all of you guys!!!

Leanne said...

Great post! Made me laugh out loud (my house is full of a lot of those can't(s) too!).

Tammy said...

I have read your blog for sometime now, but don't leave comments. I just had to comment on this post though. I truly can relate, and I'm thankful that I'm not the only one who feels that way. Thanks for making me feel "normal" as a mother. :-)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Loved this! As a boy mama...I can definitely relate to many of these "can'ts". Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and your sweet family! =)

momma betchan said...

THAT! is SUCH a SWEET picture!!!
Happy New year.

chinamoon1420 said...

I haven't commented in a long time or read your blog in a while but Patrice on Jonah's blog said I should! I laughed till I cried reading this post! My day was exactly like this today and I just have 1 child! He is 3! Even bedtime tonight was a nightmare! I am so hoping he sleeps through the night!
By the way....I am wanting to read Radical...almost bought it over Christmas....looking for it at a used bookstore....