Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Placements

Two weeks ago we got the call for a sibling group of a 4 and 5 year old. Not much was known about the pair but they were believed to be typical kids a boy and a girl and they were hoping we could take them. After much deliberation because we don't really have room in our van for TWO more kids we decided to say yes.

The days that followed were a whirlwind. Every day we learned more and more and found that these children needed FAR more than what we could give them here. They needed a home where they could be the center of attention and where they could get all of the services they needed. We loved them dearly and they were really great kids but in the end it was decided after a discussion with their case worker that it was in the best interest of EVERYONE for them to be moved to a therapeutic home.

It was one of the most heartvwrenching days EVER as we let them go and prayed that we somehow were able to help them in their short week here. We kept them until just the right home was found and we are praying they are getting all they need and are feeling loved and safe there. It was humbling to have to admit that their needs were beyond our ability, but we take comfort in knowing their needs are not beyond the ability of our Heavenly Father and that He indeed has a good plan for them.

We got a call then on Halloween night for a baby girl who is currently with us and we are enjoying her fully! From what we know a family member is trying to get approved to take her which really will be in her best interest and so we just intend to love her and snuggle her while we get to and then pass her back to her family once they have things figured out. It is tough, but I am so grateful to get to have this small part in helping families and children.

With each case my eyes are further opened to the brokenness of the world that I never knew existed. Well beyond my experience of brokenness each of these places breaks my heart for what must be breaking His and while it hurts, I have peace in knowing that we are doing what He has called us to. He is leading us and we are following. With each smack of reality we are reminded that He is bigger and we are nothing without Him and it is a wonderfully humbling place to be.

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