Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas From The Bolte Family!

I apologize for the lack of blog posts but five kids under the age of nine is a little time intensive.  ;)  We are doing great!  Enjoying our time as a family, learning together and laughing together.  We still have our little foster girl, and I SO wish I could share her with you but I cannot.  It is looking like she'll be with us for quite some time and she has settled in nicely.  Now if I could just get her to sleep through the night. 

We've mastered the art of getting five kids out the door and are enjoying each and every one of their individual personalities.  After a few times out as a family of seven, we realized that people just stare and make comments, some rude and some really encouraging, but that in today's culture five kids I guess is a lot.  Our new favorite hang our is Sam's Club.  We can feed the whole family for about ten bucks and we can also get the bulk items we need.  :)  It is our go to eating out spot.  Each time we go out Ben has begun singing the song from Madagascar 3 (Afro Circus) only he replaces afro with Bolte...and we all laugh.  People really scratch their heads when they ask ages and we say, 9, 6, 3, 10 months and 3 months.  :)  The last two make people think...sometimes they ask further, sometimes they just get wide eyed and walk away.  Overall it has been amazing though and we feel mighty blessed.

We got to experience TWO first Christmases here this year and that was very fun.  This has been just the most joyfilled, peaceful Christmas I can remember and I am so grateful.  Our hearts are full, our home is pretty full and our hands are very full and I cannot imagine it any other way!  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well! 


Deb D. said...

Your children are beautiful, and their expressions reflect joy, contentment, satisfaction, confidence, innocence, . . . just lovely.

Thank you for sharing your update. Always good to hear you all are well.


Nicole said...

Little Jacob fits right in your family so perfectly. It's amazing how God works sometimes. I'm sure the little foster baby is beautiful and a blessing as well. Don't mind looks from strangers, just keep on keeping on. Your are doing God's work. God bless you all!