Sunday, November 1, 2009

Five Fabulous Months!

I cannot believe it myself, but Hope is FIVE months old today! Here is a little about Hope at 5 months:

She weighs just under 13 lbs
She is still exclusively breastfed but we are thinking of starting food soon!
Her favorite toy is her little stuffed Tigger from Ben :)
She loves to be held pretty much ALL the time
She is wearing 3-6 month clothes
She has each of us wrapped around her little finger
She LOVE LOVE LOVES to stick out her tongue!
She sings and babbles all the time
She is growing to dislike the swing but is becoming more fond of car rides!
She loves to be outside.
She has had NO more issues with her EB.
She amazes us daily.
She is a great source of joy and gratitude in our family.


Erika said...

She's so beautiful! Can't believe she's already 5 months! Where does the time go? I feel like it was just yesterday you were pregnant!!!

Penny said...

so thankful your baby girl is doing so well! Such a miracle and a cutie, too. Love the leggings. =)

Ellen said...

Happy 5 month Birthday Hope! She is so cute and getting so big! They just grow up too fast!

Ellen said...

Happy 5 month Birthday Hope! She is so cute and getting so big! They just grow up too fast!

Stephanie said...

How beautiful and amazing she is!
I got a little giggle out of the picture where, oh now I can't remember who is holding the skittles, I think it's Ben, anyway, Emmie came home from the hospital on Halloween and the very next day my Andrew was "taking care" of his new little sister by introducing her to a yellow skittle. YIKES!!!!!

God Bless!

Heather said...

Happy 5 Months, Hope! I love the big brother/little sister shirts!

Corie said...

Happy 5 Months! She is adorable.

amanda said...

She's growing and so beautiful!

Jessica said...

you don't know me but my sister passed your blog on to me. Your little girl was born the same day as my son! I read much of your story and cannot imagine the pain you've experienced...
what a beautiful family you have and an amazing story to share!

Cikgu Cikgi Malaysia Official said...

passing by^^

cute baby and cute children!

stay happily yea^^