Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be Mine!

The only thing that could make this photo more perfect would be an almost two year old and a four year old little boy.

3 of my Valentines
(yes, Ben pretty much always has some kind of crud on his face despite my chasing him with a wet wipe!)

Lovin' on baby Hopey!

Crazy Valentines! :)

Whoa! This place is NUTS!

Cousins having fun at Chuck E Cheese (along with every.other.kid. in Erie County!)

Doesn't she make a sweet Valentine!?

Ben won the jackpot! 100 tickets!

Luke LOVED the Monster Truck ride

Hello!? Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!


Brookeanne said...

LOVE the outfit and oh dear, the red hair!!! It gets me everytime I see her... just stunning!

Stephanie said...

Just beautiful. And Hope and Ben look identical in that second photo. Well, they always look alike but they even have the same expression on their faces.

Heather said...

What beautiful little valentines you have!

Anxious AF said...

Such cute pictures!

Just Me said...

Adorable! Happy Valentine's Day to the Bolte family too :o) Been thinking about you even though we haven't talked in a while. Hope you are well.
Take care,

Devin said...

Kristy--those kids melt my heart! How cute are they?

Hope looks sooooooo much like Ben, it's unbelievable!

trennia said...

love the pictures!

TAMMY said...

You children are adorable!!!