Saturday, February 13, 2010

Corn Fairies, Day Seeing and Tooth Troubles

Mom: Ben please come here and pick up these toys if you are finished playing with them

Ben: I will play with them again, I am just done with them for now.

Mom: I would like to sweep the living room, so please come get them now.

Ben: Yeah, they really like it in the living room better mom. They HAVE to stay there.

Mom: Well, if I have to pick them up, you know what happens. (in the mommy voice)

Ben: Okay, okay mom, don't have a "corn fairy"

Mom: [ Exits stage right before bursting into laughter]

SO, I am pretty sure he meant "don't have a coronary" and I am not sure where he heard it but it has been making me laugh for the last 24 hours. It is now a real phrase in our house. :) Oh how I love that boy. He brightens the darkest day I swear!

Later that day...

Ben: Mom, I think we should put my red roller skates on me and go outside to practice so I don't fall down on them so much.

Mom: Ben, you don't have any roller skates. (Plus there is a foot of snow on the ground)

Ben: Oh, right, I must have been "day seeing" Roller skates sure seem like fun!

***On another note*****

Both boys have been complaining this week of toothaches. Luke already had one cavity filled (and I felt like the worst mom EVER then) and is now complaining of a different tooth hurting. I looked, flossed, brushed and gave him some motrin before bed.

Ben was complaining during dinner of a tooth hurting while he was eating. Tonight while brushing his teeth I did see what MAY be a small cavity. UGH!

My question is...what is a mom to do?

I limit juice to once a day and even then it is diluted and served with a meal, I limit sweets and sugary foods, I brush their teeth twice a day and floss in the evenings. WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING WRONG!?


DO I call the dentist emergency number or do I wait until Tuesday (or are dentists open Monday ,Presidents' day?) Luke was in quite a bit of pain tonight and Tuesday seems like a long while away!


Anonymous said...

some kids are just more prone to cavities. did you or your husband have teeth trouble when you were younger?

Erika said...

Don't have a corn fairy?!!!!!! So funny!!! The picture of him is too adorable for words.

Sometimes kids get cavities, and it's no one's fault. Schedule a dentist appointment for next week, but don't beat yourself up!



Cheryl said...

Some children are just "blessed" with teeth that are more suseptible (sp?) to cavities. Some children can eat loads of candy and never have a cavity and others can just look at a sweet and get three.

I don't think it could hurt to call the dentist...find out if there is an "emergency" charge so you will be well informed before you go or any reason why he/she would think that you should wait to get it looked at.

Let us know how it goes :)

With love and hope,
We are Nine

Sarah said...

They may need fluoride rinse. Depending on where you live there may not be fluoride in your water and kids need fluoride to make their teeth stronger so they won't get cavities. When my family moved to a rural area our water didn't have fluoride and I was getting the tiniest cavities all over the place! Just make sure they don't get too much fluoride or it could stain their teeth. I would ask your dentist about it.


Hi Kristy!
I am a dental hygienist and long time reader of your awesome blog!
I would say to give him motrin over the weekend. You could call the office number and it should tell you if they are open on Monday. There should also be a number to call if you need to. If it would make you feel better, call. Some dentists are willing to just meet you at the office to check it out. If you are brushing, flossing and limiting sweets, I think you are doing great! Some kids do get cavities with your doing all that! Good luck:)

Anonymous said...

My 2 and a half year old is going Thursday to have a tooth capped and two cavities filled. :( The dentist said he thinks it's because we don't have fluoride in our water, so his teeth just aren't tough enough to withstand normal kid wear-and-tear.

I would call the emergency number and see what they want you to do. After talking to you if they think it's something that CAN wait they'll work you in as soon as they can. It would be better to call NOW and get pencilled in for an appointment than to wait until Tuesday and not be able to get in for a few more days.

ALSO, I have started brushing over Quinn's teeth with just water after meals or snacks (not every time, but when I think about it... my goal is to get it to every time by the time he's big enough to do it unsupervised, and it just be a good life habit). REALLY you're supposed to brush your teeth AT LEAST twice a day. I have recently had it pounded into my head that dental health professionals want you to brush after you eat anything. That's the point behind limiting juice or milk to meal times, because you're supposed to be brushing after that. And water between meals and snacks helps keep your mouth rinsed out.

I hope they feel better soon!

Corinne said...

I have an idea about the teeth .... my dentist told us to give our boys fluoride drops. He said there isn't enough in our water system and they need them added .... but I have also heard that it has a lot to do with genetics. My sister and I both have never had a cavity and it's not because we were/are incredibly diligent brushers.

Unknown said...

LOL - that Ben is a trip! I know why God sent him to add entertainment and joy to your life!

As for the tooth troubles, I would try to keep them comfortable. Maybe get some Sensodyne toothpaste to brush with. It sure helped me when I had a tooth ache. I doubt you'll find any dentist open until Monday.

You're not doing anything WRONG, kids just get cavities sometimes. If that was the case, my poor mother probably felt AWFUL! I ALWAYS had cavities as a kid and I brushed the same as my brothers and sister. They rarely had them and I had a lot! Are you on well water? Do your kids take fluoride tablets? That seems to help a bit. Don't feel guilty about it....cavities happen! Nobody brushes perfectly anyhow....or we wouldn't need dentists! :-)

~*~ Allison ~*~ said...

Corn fairy - I LOVE IT!!! Too cute. I love when kids translate words.

Don't feel like a terrible mother because of your children's teeth. I have found that stuff like that can be hereditary.

Enjoy your weekend!

Cathy said...

First off = you're NOT a bad mommy! Some people just don't have strong enamel on their teeth and all the brushing in the world won't help! I don't have any cavities (and I'm 34) - my two oldest haven't got any either, but my 3 year old has 1. We all follow the same eating/brushing habits.

Don't wait! It's your kiddo and you're his Mommy :-) Yes it's a pain to interrupt someones weekend to fill a cavity... BUT... you know you'll feel MUCH better once it's done and over with. AND will be able to relax the rest of the long weekend without a pit in your stomach!

Good luck and don't have a corn fairy over it! :-)

Wanda Wilkinson said...

some kids just have cavities--just they way of their teeth. Most dentist will be open Monday at least in NC...good luck

pinksarahh said...

My son has those same boots! WEARS THEM DAILY! Love em!!! Had to start getting them off of ebay because they no longer make them!!

Chris and Emily said...

if it makes you feel better - i had a ton of cavities as a child - it always bothered my mom too because we didn't eat a lot of sweets and we had good dental hygiene but our dentist explained that teeth are bones and just like some people are more prone to break a bone if they fall some are just more likely to get cavities!! Don't beat yourself up about it - just keep doing what your doing( think or how many cavities you may have saved them from)!!

Sara said...

I know my dentist is closed Monday... theirs might be too. I'd give them a call if it's bothering him that much. At least they're still baby teeth right?

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Always enjoy my stops at your blog...Happy Hearts Day

Heather said...

I've heard that a lot of it is genetics and not so much what we feed them. Ben is so hilarious!

Stacy said...

The dentist will be open on Monday. Unless the pain is really bad tomorrow, it can probably wait until then. Don't feel like a bad mom about the cavities. My oldest (now 11) has always LOVED brushing his teeth, let me brush them well when he was little, floss, etc. His first dentist appt, he had 4 cavities. He has only had 2 checkups since then that he hasn't had cavities. His brother, who is 8, refuses to use toothpaste, brushes his teeth with water for very short periods of time and has only had 1 cavity ever. My dentist says there is a hereditary element to the thickness/strength of their enamel. So don't blame yourself. They are kids, it's a part of life, and they don't have to endure the evil drill sound and smell that we did as kids :)

Tara said...

Not sure about the teeth thing, I can barely brush my son's teeth. He just turned two and hates it! I can't even imagine flossing I have to tackle him just to brush them.

Ben is adorable btw.

alane said...

Is the water that you drink fluoridated? Fluoride makes a huge difference, you can also ask your pediatrician for a Rx for chewable fluoride tablets. You can also get a fluoride mouth rinse that I believe is over the counter. Cavities do also seem to be somewhat genetic. Some people have perfect teeth whether they brush/floss regularly or not, and others just can't seem to keep cavities away no matter how much they brush/floss. So you're probably not doing anything wrong, it just happens.

Unknown said...

What funny conversations!! I think that you can do all things right and they could still get a cavity.