Monday, May 17, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Emotions ran high on Friday as my firstborn baby boy graduated from Kindergarten! He woke up in the morning and gave me a hard time about getting out of bed. I reminded him that it was a special day and that he would only be in school for about two hours since they got out early that day. He told me he didn't feel well. He tries to pull that trick pretty frequently so I reminded him that if he was sick he could stay home, but he would have to rest all day. He reluctantly climbed out of bed, walked to the bathroom and threw up!

Seriously? What is a mom to do? So I made up a bed for him on the couch and called my mother in law for advice. While we chatted he got up and started running around and playing. She advised me to wait a little bit and see how he did and take him up if he continued to be fine since he does tend to get sick when he is nervous. So I did. I took him up a little late giving him extra time to rest. He did great. When I picked him up he asked, "What's for lunch??"

We went to the White Turkey (a local old fashioned Drive In restaurant that we LOVE) per his request and then headed up to the school for pictures.

It was SOOO stinkin' cute. Such an emotional day, but I am so proud of my boy! :)

He played with that tassel most of the time he had that hat on! :)

Here come the graduates...this one was my favorite handsome grad.

Family Photo! :) If you look super close at Howard's has Luke's baby picture on it! It was his first Father's Day gift! :) I am sure he will wear it to HS graduation too!

This could be my favorite photo ever! :) This is what happens when you try to get 3 kids to look at the camera...into the sun!

I love him!

Getting his diploma

Our "party table" with cake and graduation treats and presents!

Our little "star"

(this is pretty much how I felt on the inside)

TRAGEDY! He accidentally switched seats with someone else and his hat did not fit! He is our "rule follower" and this about wrecked him.

Why do these days tug at my heartstrings so? I found myself really really longing for Isaac and Asher today. They would have been so proud of their big brother!


Molly said...

that tie is AWESOME. Luke will be mortified when his dad wears it to his high school graduation, but everyone else will LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

aww, congradulations ;)