Friday, May 14, 2010

May Happenings!

YIKES! Our oldest boy graduates from Kindergarten this evening! My "Thrifty Thursday" post will have to wait until the weekend...the past few days have been filled with photo sessions, first tball games, treat making, cake baking, cleaning, decorating, and snuggling! How DO these kids grow up so fast! We are just taking time to count our blessings, they are plentiful that is for sure.

SOOO until I get a minute to catch my breath and write a REAL post...enjoy this fun picture of Ben that Katie captured when she did Hope's! TOO funny! Pictures of Luke to come, the cameras are charging! :) Have a great weekend all!

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Unknown said...

Heheheh! I love the Luke/brother/light saber combo. How clever! I REALLY hope he appreciates that photo when he's older! It's awesome!