Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Cuteness

In the midst of all the craziness of life, I have neglected to share the insane amount of cuteness happening in our home. These kids bless us beyond belief. Each day I wake up and am overwhelmed with gratitude that the Lord has trusted us with these sweet gifts. Here is an update on three FANTASTIC kids. (I might be biased)

I am brought to tears to think this precious little girl is almost TWO! She causes my jaw to drop daily. She is speaking sentences and I am finding myself challenged already with taming the sassiness. She loves to give kisses and hugs and nearly loses her mind when she sees a baby. She LOVES babies! She carries a doll around with her pretty much everywhere we go and is a great little mama. It makes my heart melt to walk into her room and see her rocking and singing to her babies. She is obsessed with anything Dora. She loves her purple blanket (which we LOST Friday at a doctor's office and are hoping returns) and is sleeping through the night pretty regularly. She loves her daddy and has him pretty much wrapped around her finger. No one prepared me for the fact that sometimes girls are very particular about their wardrobe EVEN before they turn two! Hope loves all things girly and refuses to wear anything but dresses. Her dad started a nightly tradition where she chooses her own PJs and now she thinks she should ALWAYS get to choose. Needless to say we have got to get some more dresses. She loves bows and shoes and jewelry and purses. Her favorite foods are chicken, apples, and m&m's. I cannot help but look at her and praise God for his goodness. She is our constant reminder that we are NEVER promised tomorrow and we soak in every moment.

Luke can't wait to be 8 (which is about how many teeth he has left in his mouth)! He is doing awesome in first grade and is reading levels above where he is expected to be. He is self motivated and LOVES learning. He devours books and loves to draw. He also loves to play Wii. He is excited for Little League to start next month and has been practicing. We are amazed at the progress he has made simply due to growth and maturity! He loves fruits and veggies! His favorite foods are, fresh spinach, grapefruit, and pizza. He is SO much like his mommy. He likes to follow the rules and loves to have all of his things in their place. He is SO helpful with the littler ones and has a wonderful heart. He helps us teach Sunday school and is really determined to please God. It is so amazing to see him growing and developing into a wonderful young man and I pray he continues to follow the Lord.

Ben is almost FIVE! I cannot even believe it! I blinked and he was a big kid! He is one of the most fun kids I have ever met. His personality shines and his heart is so tender. He loves his baby sister and enjoys playing with her and teaching her everything he knows (when he isn't making her scream). ;) He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and anything superhero or dinosaurs. His favorite foods right now are oatmeal, stromboli, and cantaloupe. I am amazed each day by how much he is learning. He LOVES to play board games and would choose that above just about anything else. He is our social butterfly. EVERYwhere we go he makes friends. He has no problem walking right up to other kids and introducing himself and joining in. He is such a joy! He makes me laugh EVERY day. You just never know what he is going to say! He helps us remember to enjoy life and laugh at ourselves.

Speaking of laughing...these kids are such a riot! We are SO incredibly blessed!

Bottoms UP! This is one of Hope's favorite positions. Downward dog, tripod, whatever you call it, it is hilarious!
Monkey see...Monkey do! :)

Praising God today for all he has done in this family and all He's yet to do. So thankful for each of those little rumps! Some days I feel like all I do is wipe them, but I sure wouldn't want to do life without them! Thank you Lord for all of your gifts!


asplashofsunshine said...

When did they grow up? Oh, by the way, I think our kids need a wii tournament! :) Super adorable photos!!!

LeeAnn said...

precious children, for sure, and glad to see your spirits lifted! :)

Emily said...

I cannot believe how fast they are growing!! Awesome kids.

Annalien said...

Your kids are gorgeous. I am praying that things in your life settle down soon and that you have peace. God bless.

Mica said...

Your kids are precious! I have been following your blog for about a year and I am amazed at your strength. I am proud that you want to take more children into your home and know that they will be loved as much as the five you already have. I hope you will take the time to look at this blog, Beth is a friend of my cousin. She and her beautiful Eden need all of our prayers. I hope that you can offer some encouragement to Beth so that she can see your strength and love for God. Thank you.