Friday, December 14, 2007

The "Son" is shining!

Each and every day I am astounded by the love we are shown by others! We are so blessed to have an amazing church family and circle of friends who not only love us but also love God! It is this group of people who honestly give me the hope and encouragement to keep on truckin'! We have received many thinking of you cards and offers for babysitters! This week I have been especially touched by two acts of kindess...One, a friend had lent me some maternity clothing since I am now pregnant at a time when I have never needed maternity clothing before. Mine are all summer. And as I was going through the bag there was a small gift bag inside and in it was a little daily inspirational book with just a short devotion and message of hope for each day. I was so surprised! I have the book sitting in my kids bathroom and have been reading it each day at bathtime because by then I usually need a pick me up! So, Thanks Lannea! And the second happened today as I went to the mailbox to grab our daily handful of bills and the occasional Christmas card. When I got in the house I opened what I assumed was a Christmas card and found a beautiful thinking of you card from a very special group of ladies I have gotten to know through my wonderful MOPS group at the Federated Church. Inside the card was a gas card for us to use for our appointment on Tuesday! How thoughtful! At this time of year that was an amazing gift to us! So thank you ladies so much! I love you all!

Each day brings new amazement for me. Just when I feel that I am being consumed by life, the Lord sends me just the right people to breathe hope back into me! So I am thankful to the Lord and to those who shine His light so beautifully!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome Kristy, I am glad you like your "pick me up" book! (Although no thanks are needed) I thought the messages were just right! You are in our thoughts and prayers daily!

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome! We all felt that we wanted to do something to help you out! With gas prices the way they are, what better way than with a gas card! Just know that as you fill your tank for the trip, we are filling you up with prayer as well! We love you guys and will be here to support you no matter what happens!

Your MOPS table!

Anonymous said...

Kristy, If you could, please post the time of your appointment and when you are traveling so that we can pray accordingly throughout the day, thanks