Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gloria and Me

Just so you all is a running joke in our house that I look like Gloria the Hippo. My kids are IN LOVE with Madagascar 2 and one day my Mother In Law, made the connection when she picked up a Gloria figure up of the floor. She was not being mean...just trying to be funny, though at the time I remember my eyes getting big in disbelief that she had the nerve to liken me to the hippo aloud. :-)

Also...because we have seen this movie more than anyone should, my sweet husband has developed a fondness for Moto Moto the Hippo love interest of Gloria. He loves to quote Moto Moto from the movie. It is all just a joke and all in fun. (if you are unfamiliar with the movie, go to YouTube and type in Moto Moto it is hilarious) goal of the pictures wasn't to get you all to compliment me, though thank you for doing so, at 35 weeks a few nice comments are certainly welcome. I am actually one of the few who really likes her pregnant self. I am actually MORE confident as a pregnant lady than not. I am amazed by what my body can do and how FAR it can stretch. I am no hurry for it to be over.


Mendy said...

I hear ya! I also loved being pregnant and had more confidence in my appearance when I was carrying my children. You look fabulous! Hold on to these last few days/weeks. For now she is just yours - once she is born you have to share her. :)

Anonymous said...

We love Madagascar2 at our house! My favorite is King Julien... I think all that whistling business is HILARIOUS (and as an international relations major I think his imperialist tendencies are funny, too).

AND... With BabyToo I was a LOT bigger than with our first baby. I got really tired of hearing about how much bigger everybody thought Aiden was going to be than Quinn was (mostly because I started out 20 pounds heavier... haha). My DOCTOR even got in on it. I didn't feel like I was THAT big. But then on the day I hit 36 weeks I went out on a sortofdate with my husband and kept getting these BIZARRE looks from people. (I wondered if I had something weird on me, it was that crazy.) THEN I went into the bathroom and happened to glance at myself in the mirror as I was walking past, and I had to double back and check again. I WAS HUGE. It was a little bit scary. I told my husband that our mirrors at home apparently have a slimming effect. haha

ditarae said...

Take comfort, my friend! My boys informed me that I, too, look like Gloria.... BUT I'M NOT PREGNANT!!! (OUCH)

Amanda said...

I completely agree with you on the confidence thing. I never felt more confident and more beautiful than when I was pregnant. I loved every second of it and only hope that I'll be able to have the experience again.
You look fantastic, Gloria! ;) Hang in there. You're almost done.