Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pray for the Freemans

This morning my mother-in-law took Luke and Ben so that I could have some quiet time. I haven't been feeling so great (I promise it isn't the Swine Flu) and I welcomed the break. I got them ready and sent them on their way (next door). I then sat down to breakfast and a cup of tea, opened my computer and began checking email and blogs. For many months now after a sweet email from her Daddy, I have been blessed to check daily on miracle baby, Kayleigh Freeman.

She defied more odds than anyone expected and accomplished so much in her time here on earth. This morning as I did my daily check, my heart stopped when I saw the post at the top of the page. Kayleigh has been fighting hard lately and last night her precious little body had had enough and she was welcomed Home. We know in our heads that for Kayleigh, this is a joyful occasion, she no longer has to fight. She is now in the presence of the Great Physician and she is healed and whole and happy.

We also know all too well though that the family that loved her in the most amazing ways is hurting. They rejoice for her healing, yet their arms ache to hold her again. This is not a road that anyone ever wishes to walk, and I am so heartbroken to know that they came home without their sweet girl. The Lord certainly hand picked them as her family. They have loved without limits or reservation. I have gone to their site and found my faith renewed on days I needed it.

Please pray for this amazing family and visit their blog to meet their sweet Kayleigh. I assure you, you will be blessed!

I could be wrong, but I also believe that the Freemans will be on the show The Doctors tomorrow morning. Check your local listings. I know here it is on at 9 am and we will be watching!


ShEiLa said...

Oh dear.
I clicked over the the Freeman's... so very sad.

I know she is in a better place and that she is no longer suffering... but my heart hurts for her family.


Stephanie said...

I just came back from Kayleigh's blog, thanks for the link.Their devotion to Kayleigh and their faith to our Lord is amazing. Hope you are feeling better, go easy.

Tammy On the Go said...

Daily I am amazed at how many people that have been touched by Kayleigh...blessings to you as well for sharing your life.

Amy said...

I have been following the Freeman's since shortly after Kayleigh was born. Like you, I was heartbroken and happy at the same time. God Bless the Freeman's! They are truly amazing God loving people. In the Kansas City area, the Doctors are on at 1pm. By the way, I have been praying for you during your pregnancy and so happy to hear how far along you are and that things are going good.

God Bless,
Amy S. in KS