Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Do Babies Come From??

Interestingly enough the conversation was not nearly what you might have guessed by the title.

We spent the evening tonight at a popular summer hangout Sara's at the Peninsula on Lake Erie. We had great food, amazing ice cream and hung out with some of our very favorite people. Our friends Bill and Shelli were there with there new baby Michael. Our boys were just enamored with the little guy. They wanted to touch him and talk to him and kiss him and hug him and hold him (you get the idea) and sweet Mikey slept through it ALL! It was so bittersweet to see them loving on Mikey wishing they had that chance with their brothers in Heaven.

On the way home we stopped at a store so Howard could run in real quick and get something he needed for school. As we waited in the car, Luke and I had another heart to heart:

Luke: Mommy it was really great holding baby Mikey!

Ben: Baby Monkey, Baby Monkey! (unfortunately for Michael, that is what Ben calls him)

Me: Yes Luke, you did a great job holding him and being gentle. He really liked you.

Luke: Yeah, I would be a good big brother for a baby brother or sister. Maybe like Isaac or Asher, but one that could come home.

Me: You would be a great big brother Luke, you already are.

Luke: I know but I didn't really get to hold Asher much and I like holding babies. Ben isn't really a baby anymore. I like babies.


Me: No, Ben, you are a big boy.

Luke: Right mom so we need a baby. You should tell God about it now because it takes a long time for them to come out of a belly.

Me: Yes it does take a long time, they have to grow. I would love for you to have a baby brother or sister someday. We will just have to wait and see how that happens.

Luke: Mom! I know how it happens! You pray to God and he puts a baby in your belly. That is how you got Me and Ben and Isaac and Asher! We will just do that.

Me: That is true. It is up to God. We should tell him what our hearts want.

Luke: Okay well, I will tell him at bedtime tonight and at breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow, that should do it. We need to tell him now though because it takes a really long time and I really want a baby for our home now. I can help you hold him while you get things done. I really want to do that mom. I'll take care of this, we need a baby, one that we can keep.

Me: (Speechless...sitting in the front seat now facing forward I had nothing more to say so I didn't)

Ben: I'm for you, I'm for you (rocking OUT to a little Toby Mac)

Huh...again the wisdom of a five year old astounds me. :-)


lmashe81 said...

Child like faith...I would have been speachless too. You have some amazing kids. They are beautiful!!

Kelly said...

that is the sweetest conversation ever. it brought a tear to my eye. OK, more than one tear.
you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. And if it is God's plan, I pray for that baby boy or girl to come home with you too.

Unknown said...

Out of the mouths of babes.

What a sweet, sensitive little boy you have. :)

Steve+Marie Douglas said...

Jerimiah 29:11... For some reason that verse just keeps popping up everyarea of my life and people that I talk to!! Precious boys!!! awesome faith!! I LOVE IT "okay mom, he's got" too precious!!! I bet it stung a bit too though - I know one day after Elijah's funeral Josiah said, "momma look a baby at the house, why Lijah no come home?" it was hard & still is like in a few weeks when my sister delivers her baby girl - he's gonna wanna be llike your boys all over baby Mickey!! LET'S JUST KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS, BEING EVER SO STILL AS WE TRUST AND ACKNOWLEGE HE IS GOD!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great conversation. Will look forward to the outcome :-)

Denise said...

So sweet. I remember trying to explain to my nearly 4 year old that it was up to God to decide if we were having a boy or a girl when I was expecting again. His response? "If it isn't what I want, I'll just call him back and have him change it!"

Rachel said...

That is so sweet. The heart of a child. My three (almost four year old) has been talking alot about wanting a baby too. We should be expecting a baby in OCt. (Also both of my girls are born in Oct.) but we lost that baby and then lost another baby that should be due this December. I know the pain of wanting more children and not knowing how or when that may happen. I am just trusting God with you to continue to unfold the plan for our lives. In the meantime may these sweet siblings get the desires of their innocent pure hearts.
Hugs and Prayers
Rachel in PA

mrsrubly said...

how adorable! just pray for next one that's too funny! praying and thinking about you today!

Melody said...

I love the simple faith of a child! Us grown ups, sure do complicate things : )

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh my gosh, I just love Luke and his precious little heart!! Isn't amazing that the Lord says we are to be like these little ones in order to see the kingdom? The pure hearts of children just melt mine and keep me in line:) I love you Kristy and pray for you often. And I just love Ben's reaction, so age appropriate. Bless you sweetie.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

alane said...

Wow, I love the faith of a child..."I'll take care of this" In his perfect faith and belief, all he has to do is ask God and believe, and his prayer will be answered. If only the rest of us could have such child-like faith. So precious. Praying for you and your sweet family.

Melissa Dovel said...

Oh Kristy,

If you only knew how many prayers are earnestly being prayed for your family to be blessed with a healthy pregnancy and new baby. Your sweet son is so very right that is where babies come from now we just need to get him excited about the waiting part (might not be that easy). The Lord knows the desires of your hearts (all of you). I am amazed by the way my Lord loves us- Praise Him starting now for the greatness and fullness he is going to bring!

Sisters in the King,

Tiffany said...

Ohmygosh! That is so precious! Bless his little heart!

Lauren said...

He is so sweet and innocent. I am sure that was a difficult conversation, but it melted my heart.

{darlene} said...

precious. I love that your sweet, 5 yr. old, little guy knows better than most "where a baby comes from"...
truly precious.


Laura said...

He is so sweet...I know Luke and my Oliver would get along great! I like to think the kids have a direct line to hearing the voice of God..they are not tangled up inside like we are with the things of the world..they just hear His voice plain and simple and talk to Him and expect an answer they can hear and understand! Praying for your heart so you can keep pouring out all the requests to Him...I know He is carrying brave mama! xox

Nick V said...

My daughters tell me almost every day "to get another baby in my belly" (they have lost two sisters) If only it were that easy...that awful 1 in 4 chance makes it so hard...

Emily said...

Oh girl. When we grow up, do you think we can be five??

Kirsten said...

How beautiful. Your boys are so precious - all 4 of them. Plus your awesome husband, of course. :o)

What a gift to see your son's loving heart expressed so sweetly. He loves well because he has been loved well. You are a wonderful mom. You are a blessing to many.

I pray that God will continue to provide you with experiences that touch your heart and draw you closer to your boys.

And thanks for the encouragement - I'm feeling so much better.


Christa @ Quintooples said...

So sweet! :)

Kim ( said...

Those conversations are so bitter sweet. But they always make me smile:) Most of what they innocently say is so true, we just need to listen to them more!!
I love that you guys rock out to Toby too! That made me smile. The other day I was having a hard day, Kailey said "a head ache and a heart ache mom?" I said yes.....she said let's put Toby Mac in, he always cheers you up!!
Love you friend,

Mashel said...

What an amazing little boy he is Kristy. Isnt' it awe inspiring how God can help us through our own little children? And oh what I would give to have the faith of a child. Not that I don't have faith, but you know what I mean.
My little Hunter prayed for our twins. He would pray every night for "his baby sister that was in someone else's belly" and "God, let her know how much we love her already....." you get the picture. And then one night he adds "and my baby brother too. Amen" My husband and I just look at each other, and I say, "Hunter, what was that you just said?" and he replied, " I was praying for my baby brother and sister in someone else's belly." (we know no twins, so I don't even know where the 6 year old got the idea, other then from God) I tried to tell him not to get his hopes up for a brother and sister, that that was very rare especially for adoption (and the foster care system) and then when we got the call..... I told Hunter and he just said "I know"
They are truly amazing little beings aren't they?
Have you considered adoption Kristy? I just know how much you are grieving and I worry so much about if you were to get pregnant again....What are the chances.....?

Liz said...

Beautiful words, baby boy! You start praying & I'll join in!

Kathaleen said...

He is so sweet! God is listening.
Praying you guys feel some clarity soon.
I think we are going to try :) Scared but ... *hope*
My daughter told me the other day that she knows I like babies, but that she would prefer a puppy. They can bark and stuff. :)

Love Kathaleen