Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's in a Song?

Last Mother's Day, a good friend made a Starbucks run for me and dropped off with the cup of yummy goodness, a cd, a bright orange cd of songs she had put together for me that she enjoys worshipping to. (aww...Julie, you made me a mixed tape) :-)

Anyway, I wrote about the significance of that CD and a certain song on that CD a while back.
The song I referred to was by a fantastic group called Overflow, the song is called Cry on My Shoulder (it is likely playing as you read this because it is the first song on my playlist). It is literally one of the greatest songs and has had a significant role in my journey especially as a reminder on the hard days that though I feel alone, I never am. I now have that song on my ipod and Tuesday night I headed in to a support group meeting for bereaved parents and I put that song on repeat. I had been feeling so confused about life and how I should or shouldn't feel. I sang along over and over and over and over and over, it is a 30 minute drive so you get the picture.

That song has been such a comfort to me. It is such a great reminder that our Father's arms are always outstretched and there to hold us when we are weary from life. He will pick us up and help us put the pieces of life back together if only we allow Him. So, yesterday after listening to the song a few times I decided that it should now be the first one to play on my blog. It is the song that is pulling me through my days right now. So yesterday, I switched it. It had always been on there, I just moved it to the top spot.

I cannot tell you the comfort this song has brought and how even when I feel so frustrated with God, if I put this song on and just allow the words to take over, as I worship my God, it is like a sudden calm and healing comes over my heart. I am so grateful for this song. It is really a song of hope.

So I cannot even pretend I wasn't crying in my keyboard in amazement of our God this morning as I checked my comments and found one from the bass player of Overflow, who's wife apparently has been keeping up with our story and shared it with him. What an encouragement! (Thank you Josh and Anne!)

God is so good!

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