Friday, April 10, 2009

A Busy Day for the Boltes

Well today seems to be a day that much like the Energizer Bunny, just keeps going and going and going...

We got up this morning and got everyone bathed, showered, dressed, and fed and headed out the door to head to a local TV station to shoot a commercial for the upcoming March For Babies. I was so proud of us...we were running ahead of schedule and everyone seemed happy.

HA! That is until we were about fifteen minutes from the station and Benjamin begins to throw up EVERYWHERE in the car. He is covered, his carseat is covered, the floor, everything. Howard, calmly pulls over and gets Ben out and begins cleaning him with wipes while I try to do the best I can with his carseat.

After that we sat for a moment debating whether to turn around and head home or to push on. Ben seemed fine and was still his happy self (I am convinced it was the bright red cherry Trix yogurt I allowed him to have for breakfast) so we decided to make a quick stop at Target for a pair of fresh jeans and a new sweatshirt (we were at least smart enough not to put the boys in their shirts we wanted them to wear on air until we arrived, so that was safe.) We were now running late which if you know me, is a pet peeve of mine. I cannot STAND to be late.

We arrived at the studio and were greeted with smiles and such kindness. We were then led to a control room and made a few changes to our script in the prompter. The kids were in awe of all of the TV screens and buttons. We then shot the commercial and after only about four takes we were done. The boys did pretty well. BOTH had to sit on my non existent lap and Ben had his hands in his mouth most of the time, but they did well.

Then they let us go back into the control room and watch each of our takes. The boys thought it was so cool to see themselves on TV. After that the reporter that did the commercial with us was so sweet, she took us on a tour of the studio and the boys got to see it all. I must say though their favorite part was getting to play around a little in front of the green screen where they shoot the weather. They put up a background of the city of Erie and the boys ran around and pretended they were flying over Erie and laughed wildly as they watched eachother soar over the city. It was really neat. I cannot get over how welcoming they were and how willing they were to show everything and how it all works to the kids. It was a really neat experience for them and Luke cannot stop talking about it! (if you live in the area it should start sometime next week on channel 12, if not, they were also kind enough to offer to email it to me so I can post it here for all to see) :-)

Then, since Ben seemed to be feeling just fine we headed to lunch. The boys LOVE TGIFridays and so we took them there. We had a great lunch and really enjoyed spending the time with the boys.

Next on the list for the day was a stop at Home Depot for one more color of paint Howard needs for the nursery ( I must admit I am getting a little nervous having handed over control completely, but I do think it is awesome that he WANTS to do this for her). Then we headed to Sams Club for some household necessities and groceries. (I won't even get into the madhouse that was or the rudeness displayed by many who were out shopping)

Next we stopped at the mall to pick up the boys' Easter sweaters (waiting until the last minute is what we always do..they are on clearance by then) and we got some ice cream and a few things from the craft store that Howard needed for the nursery ( I know, I am very curious too!).

By this time we realized there was NO time to head home before church so we headed right on over to church for Good Friday services, which I am still reflecting on and will share my thoughts on that later. I will just say, I am so very thankful and in awe of our Savior. I would love to think I would pay the price he paid for each of us, but sadly, I don't think that would be the case.

Last stop...OOPS! Mom forgot to get eggs to color! What kind of mom forgets to by eggs for dying Easter eggs? This one! I have decided to no longer adorn the house with bunnies and eggs at Easter time, rather to just talk about the REAL meaning of it all and reflect on the price that was paid for us, all of the decor and hoopla seemed to confuse the kids and I want there to be no mistake about what we are remembering and celebrating at this time of year, and I must say we did it so well, we forgot completely about the eggs which we do still like to do for fun on Easter as we celebrate Jesus' Resurrection!! :-)

Now we are at home and Howard is busy at work in the nursery, the boys are in bed and I am off to rest! What a busy and fun filled Good Friday. We have so very much to be thankful for. I am just in awe.

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