Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You!

Can you spot me? I am the one who looks like she is smuggling basketball! :-)

Sunday was our March for Babies here in Erie and I have to say it was a great day! Typical weather for our area in April is around 60 degrees and often rainy, but this day was in the 80s! (in all honesty, a little hot for me, but the sun was shining!).
We are so grateful for each of you who walked and for each of you who donated. This team means so much to us. There is so little we can tangibly do as the parents if Isaac and Asher and we have been so blessed to be able to share them with the world through the March of Dimes this year. Just having you walk with us is so important!
The photo above is this year's team. Lots of people are missing however because we had to take an earlier photo time than usual because Howard spoke before the walk began so lots of 11:00 church goers missed the photo.
Howard did a GREAT job speaking and sharing our story at the event despite his nerves and the boys got to ride the first part of the walk with us in a FIRETRUCK. Can you imagine the excitement little boys would get out of that!? This has been such a great experience for them!
On a side note...a few of you who walked at far away sites, who ordered team tshirts, I will get those in the mail and I apologize for not having them to you sooner. There was a problem with our order and I did not even have the shirts until Saturday!
Also...if you have a burning desire to have a Team Isaac and Asher Tshirt, I do have some left. It seems the sunny weather called people other directions and we have leftover tshirts. If you would like one just email me at the cost is 5 dollars plus shipping. First come first sizes available. :-)


ShEiLa said...

That is quite the team...
awesome job.

I look forward to seeing that new little pink bundle.


Marie said...

First post I have done, but I have been a silent stalker for a long time, several times a day to see how you are doing, When is the little Girl due? ohhhhh you are going to have fun, pink, pink every where HA