Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maximize Your Mornings

God has really been putting a lot of things on my heart lately and I am dying to share them but I really am not even at a place to put most of it into words just yet. Most of it deals with being more intentional with my time, as a woman of God, wife, and mother. I take my job seriously, but sometimes I get my priorities mixed up. Often times cleaning and housekeeping come before all of those other things and, well, while I FIRMLY believe that housekeeping is important, when things are not prioritized, all things tend to crumble, and while we are doing ok in the Bolte house, I see great room for improvement.

My goal here is to be a woman of God, a woman who has a passion and fire for our Lord, who is in the word daily and is living out the life God called me to live. I want to love Howard well and completely, I want to raise my children to love and fear the Lord and I hope to live out my life in a way that allows me to be the hands and feet of Jesus, living by example and not just by words.

One of the WORST times of day for me is morning. I am ashamed to admit it but in our household, our mornings go a little something like this...

6:50 a.m. Howard gets up and gets ready for work

7:10 a.m. Howard leaves and Hope wakes up.

7:11 a.m. I begrudgingly get out of bed to get Hope, I get her a drink and we snuggle on the couch and watch the morning news.

7:30 a.m. I go in to wake Luke and then go out to make his breakfast

7:35 a.m. I go in and remind him to get up.

7:40 a.m. I now coax him out of bed in a less than pleasant manner. ;)

7:45 a.m. Luke gets dressed and I continually ask him if he is done

7:50 a.m. He sits down and begins to eat

8:00 a.m. It is time for Luke to brush his teeth but he has still not even started eating

8:00 a.m. Luke crams as much food in his face as he can

8:05 a.m. Luke brushes teeth while I put his shoes on him.

8:10 a.m. I help him get his jacket on backpack on and out the door

The bus picks him up sometime between 8:13 and 8:16

I then begin getting the little ones breakfast and dressed for the day

At this point I am already out of steam. I feel like I have wrestled a giant and lost. I have sent Luke off to school all the while barking at him to move on to the next task. I feel like I send him off with a less than stellar start and I begin my day feeling defeated. It sets the tone for the day most days and I want better for my family. I don't want to give them what's left of me, I want to give them the best of me.

I have been praying on this for a while now, unsure of where to even begin and I feel like the Lord has really been telling me that I need to get up earlier. BEFORE everyone. I need to get myself up and together and right with the Lord before encountering my family and their needs. NOW, this is hard for me. I am a night owl by nature and I LOVE to sleep in. Hope still is NOT consistently sleeping through the nights and I am more than tired in the morning. I also struggle because we live in a small home so if I get up early, it tends to then wake everyone else and then I feel like my initial effort has been negated.

I have been fighting Him tooth and nail on this and coming up with every excuse in the book and I feel like today it has sucker punched me in the face. Every verse I went to, every click on the computer brought me to the conclusion that it is time. It is time to change my ways and get my hiney out of bed. EVEN if everyone else wakes up ten minutes after I get up, I will have at least had ten minutes to pray and get up. I will set myself right with the Lord and begin my day with Him so that He can shine through me the rest of the day. I will make my husband coffee and be sure his lunch is ready to go before he is up, I will send everyone off with a kiss and a smile, so that their days start in a way that will help them set the tone for a great day.

I came upon a blog today that I have fallen madly in love with. It is called Inspired to Action and the author there has started a Maximize Your Morning Challenge. I LOVE this idea, because for me a huge tool to keep me on track is accountability! I need others to hold me accountable. This week's goal is SIMPLY getting out of bed early. I would love it if you would check out this site, download the ebook and join us on this mission to become passionate homemakers who put God first, first in life and first in the day. If you have a blog, be sure to link up! I am so excited to see how God uses this to make me a better, daughter of Him, wife, and mom!


Devin said...

1. I am totally geeking out about checking this site out. It is on my priority list for tomorrow A.M.!!

2. I have a couple of ideas for you that seem to help me.

One, if you have some kind of a fan (I know this sounds bizarre, but work with me here for a sec) turn it on to the lowest setting when you get up. I do that with a box fan that sits in our bedroom. It is pointed at the wall, so it doesn't make it cold or anything--it just CREATES SOME WHITE NOISE to cover my footsteps. When I wake up, I have to walk right by both the boys' room AND by Lola's. You would not believe how well the hum of the fan covers up my 'even though I am trying to be super quiet I am still bound to make noise' noise! (Also--if you don't have a box fan, the overhead fan in the bathroom works well too, if you have one of those!)

Two, if that is not working and the kids are still hearing you and waking, keep your Bible right next to your bed, and simply sit up in your bed, moan and groan a bit about how it is so early :), and then do your reading and praying RIGHT THERE. No noise = kids who will at least sleep through your devo time!

3. I am proud of you Kristy. I am telling you, this has helped me immensely! I sure hope it does for you as well!

I'm off to bed now...so that I can give them the BEST of me in the morning! (Love you friend. You can do this. He will help you!)

Cheryl said...


I love to stay up late at night and it is difficult to get up in the morning, but for as long as I can remember (I have six living children) I have forced myself to set the alarm about 1/2 hour before the children are up (5:30 in the morning usually) and take my shower. By the time the children are starting to wake up, I'm dressed and showered and alert enough to help them navigate the morning.

Also, I find that if I ready the children at night by making sure that they don't have homework left to do and that they don't need forms filled out, etc...that helps too.

I am tired a lot, but no matter how tired I am, if I have a good morning, the rest of the day seems to go pretty well.

Best wishes on your new plan :)

Proverbs 31:15 She gets up while it is still dark;

With Hope,