Monday, October 11, 2010



I come to you today, heart sick and on my knees. Bella is in desperate need of our prayers. Her heart stopped this morning and restarted on its own. She is fighting like crazy but her little body is going through it.

This family has been CONSTANTLY on my mind. Bella is the same age as Hope and after Hope was diagnosed with EB, I searched everywhere for other families to identify with. I have been following Bella from day one. I am more than grateful that the Lord has blessed Hope with NO symptoms of EB in the past year, but am heartbroken that other children have to deal with such a horrible disease. These kids live in constant pain. Something as simple as a hug or loving touch can cause blistering.

This sweet family was hoping for a cure and allowed their baby girl to go through a bone marrow transplant and it has been so very hard on her body. We know that ultimately, Bella belongs to God and has already been used in a MIGHTY way to further His kingdom, but as a mom who has suffered the loss of two of her own children, I cannot help but plead with the Lord for this sweet family to be able to keep sweet Bella with them. They have all been through so much.

Bella's dad Tim, said that Bella showed signs of improvement when he read her all of the comments from her blog, I would love it if you would head on over there right now and offer your kind words, prayers or stories of inspiration with them. Please join me in prayer for Bella and for her family.

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