Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning in our home we are spending time celebrating the lives of two amazing little ones. Jacob Ryan Fahmer and Mary Grace Summons. They were each born a year ago today and they are both celebrating their first birthday in Heaven.

I ask that you would pray for these families today as they celebrate the perfect gifts they were given. They miss their sweet babies but have honored their lives so beautifully. If you have not, I ask that you click on each of their names and meet these amazing little ones. They have changed the world. You will be blessed by knowing them.


Devin said...

I have been blessed by them both; and I am praying today for their sweet families.

Thanks for reminding us today Kristy.

Erica said...

Visited both their sites and prayed for their families. THanks for the introduction. The world is much sweeter for having known such gifts!

Our beautiful mess... said...

They are amazing little people! They both blessed so many people in reading about their lives!

Also, I covet everyones prayers as well. I'm 34 weeks pg and my husband lost his job. We're devistated at this point. His job moved us 2000 miles away from family and now we're stranded, not knowing many people and waiting for this baby to arrive, uncertain as to what will happen after that. Please pray that we find a job close to home (ohio, we're in texas now), that they will pay for us to move and that we will feel at peace. I know stress isn't good for me at this time and I have a lot of it, and anxiety! Thank you!

Christa @ Quintooples said...

THank you for sharing these babies stories. :)

Prayers that all is well, have not heard anything in quite a few days!