Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tagged by Emily!

Ok, so I have been tagged by Emily to go to the fourth folder in my pictures and choose the fourth picture to post and explain so here it is! It is Benjamin in May of 2007 in his little train conductor outfit! Look at those CHEEKS!
So now I am supposed to tag a few other people so I am going to tag Suzie at Missing Cooper...My Journey, Devin at Our Very Full House, Ginger at Our Life in the Burgh, and anyone else who might like to join in! Can't wait to see your pics!


Devin said...


This sounds fun! I have to go to my desktop where all my pics are, and then I'm on it! :)

Oh boy....it just occured to me what I might find....

Emily said...

Oh my word. He is DELICIOUS! :)

Kirsten said...

It is so great to catch up on your blog and get an update. I'm sick reading about the comments people have left. God has certainly given you mercy, grace and wisdom to deal with them. I am so sorry that you have experienced such hurtful comments.

You are in my prayers regularly even though I don't get to check in very often. I imagine it is an emotional roller coaster at times. It is encouraging to see that you are reaching out, sharing, and finding strength in the Lord. He will carry us.

Blessings on your day and the little Bolte in your belly.