Thursday, March 4, 2010

PLEASE check your crib!

After knowing the heartache of losing a child, I typically go insane checking to be sure we do all we can to ensure the safety of our three living children. This week I was doing my periodic check of all recalls and found that our crib had once AGAIN been recalled. The company went out of business and did not contact consumers. Babies have DIED after being trapped between the drop side and the mattress!

PLEASE go right NOW and check your crib.

THIS seems to be a good site with photos of recalled cribs.

I have been astonished that just today about TEN of my Facebook friends also found that their cribs have been recalled after I posted this to my page. That led me to think about all the babies out there who are sleeping in unsafe cribs! Check your crib if it is one that has been recalled, stop using it immediately, and then call the manufacturer for a replacement or refund. If like mine, your crib manufacturer has gone out of business, call the retailer. I am taking ours in tomorrow for a replacement. We will NOT be getting another crib with a drop side. Err on the side of caution and get a crib with stationary sides!


Mama E said...

Thanks Kristy! I just checked because we do have a drop-down crib, but thankfully it's not on the list. It's a Graco Lauren crib and the last Graco recall was in 12/2005. I'll keep checking periodically!

Jayme said...

Thank you for the reminder!