Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fab Five Friday is that time again! Time to join Emily for Fab Five Friday. We all know this life is NOT about things, but there are things in life that we enjoy! Here are a few of mine! :)

1. ANYTHING from Tangled Daisies. Seriously. My friend Lisa makes THE coolest handbags and wallets and coffee cup sleeves, and well, just head over to her site and take a look. She is BEYOND talented. She goes to places like thrift shops and re-purposes the fabric to make AWESOME bags. Like she can take an old pair of polyester old man pants and make them into a gorgeous purse. HONEST! This is my new favorite thing at her store! :)

2. Cloth Diapers. Right now I am using mostly FuzziBunz because that is what was handed down to me, but I honestly wish I had cloth diapered all of my kids. It is FUN and not nearly as gross as you might think. I LOVE seeing a clothes line full of clean diapers drying in the wind!

3. French Press coffee. I know many of you love your fancy schmancy coffee makers, but this baby takes it back to the basics. You put the coffee in, you put the hot water in, you stir, you let it steep and push the plunger down. I dig my coffee more on the "put hair on your chest" side, but if you love coffee, this is THE way to have it. Starbucks will even do this for you with ANY of their coffees! :) You can get the whole press full and share it with is more economical than ordering individual drinks!

4. Katie Mihalak photography. Hope has become a REAL diva lately. She is in the separation anxiety stage and getting pictures done is not her favorite thing to do. Katie is always able to capture a few great shots despite how awful Hope thinks it is! You should check out her blog! One of her pictures was recently featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog, so yep, she is famous. :)

5. Ann Marie Boutique tutus and hair accessories

Hope won this tutu dress and headband in the photo contest she won. They are AMAZING! I mean, I was tempted to wear them myself after we got home and she went down for a nap, I am pretty sure if they would have fit me, I would have.


Unknown said...

LOVE French presses! Speaking of CDs, you did get the ones I sent, right? I can't believe I never asked. Hee Hee!

TIFFANY said...

Those tutu photos are so cute!

Lisa said...

Thank you for including my work in your Fab Five list! Love ya!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Oh my word, Hope is adorable!!! I LOVE those pictures...and the miracle that she is able to dress up in cute girly frills with accessories makes this even sweeter! What a mighty God we serve! And what a cute pumpkin He gave you!! =)