Sunday, March 28, 2010

March For Babies

Well, it is that time of year again! Time to March for BABIES! :) Team Isaac and Asher has been such a blessing to our family. Since we cannot celebrate birthdays, with our boys, holidays, milestones, this is our event! Our team kind of dwindled a bit last year from years past and we are hoping to get re-energized!

Our walk here in Erie County PA is on Sunday, April 25th at 1 pm. Registration begins at 11 and we will be tailgating in the parking lot beginning at that time! We would LOVE to have you join us! Just click the widget on the sidebar and click WALK WITH ME! :)

If you do NOT live in the area, there is likely a walk near you! You can walk for Team Isaac and Asher at your location! Just go to this site to find the time and date for a walk near you! Be sure to put Team Isaac and Asher as your team name!

This year Howard designed a "SUPER" cool tshirt! :) If you are walking with our team and would like to order one, they are 5 dollars (plus 2 dollars shipping if applicable) and I need to order within the next week, so please email me at with your shirt sizes and address if they need to be shipped to another site! We have kids and adults sizes so be sure to place your order TODAY!

IF you cannot walk but would like to donate, you can go to the widget at the left side of the page and click there to donate or you can contact me and I would be happy to make arrangements with you.

If you cannot walk, or donate, we really would covet your prayers for our event. It stirs up a lot of emotion in our family and it is a very important event for us. It is a LONG walk so we would also covet your prayers for every one's safety, and that the money raised would be put to good use, making sure ALL babies are born healthy!

I know it is a tough time of year to commit to anything, but it would mean the world to us to have your support in any way you can help. This cause is so near and dear to our hearts!


Molly said...

I'm walking in NYC!! If any of your readers are walking there, let me know!!!

Unknown said...

We are walking for our own team here in Pgh, but I'm thinking maybe I can add Isaac & Asher Bolte's names to our shirt! I haven't had it printed yet. (Unless you don't want me to...I'll understand.)

Maybe if I'm feeling up for it, I can convince Roger to take a trip to Erie that weekend and we can just WALK with you guys!

Options, Options. At any rate, what a great thing you are doing for your boys and the MFB. Best Wishes for a great campaign & great weather for the walk!

melissa said...

To publish or not to publish on your blog... I found it a mssage of hope:) Not long ago we lost our dear Nana at the full age of 89! Dearly loved and a life long beliver that she would b reunited with her baby and also child loss. Some of her last words were "im going to see my babies SOON... ive waited a long long time for this". Her picture proudly sits in the center of our home with her holding one of her angels. It brings us great peace knowing they ARE together again. While its hard to say good bye to the "big momma" of our fam. We have great joy knowing who she with and were she is.

Hope this blesses u and your followers.

nothin' but love
Melissa Dovel