Friday, March 12, 2010

Fab Five Friday

Again, I decided to join Emily in her Fab Five Friday, Blog Carnival! We all know that "things" are not what is most important in this world, but we also know that as parents, wives, women, there are products out there that DO make life just a little easier. Here are my picks this week!

1. Okay, I am so excited about this first "thing". I have really been struggling lately with sleep. I am not a big believer in letting a baby cry it out, but my boys transitioned easily to their beds from co-sleeping. Hope just wants to be on me EVERY minute of every day. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but my marriage was suffering for it. I NEVER had any time for my awesome husband. I was beginning to feel twinges of resentment because I never had a moment to myself or with Howard, and was frustrated and discouraged that every time I discussed our sleep issues, all I got was a "cry it out" answer. If "cry it out" is your thing, that is fine, but for us, I just can't do it. When I put my baby in their crib and walk away and I get that look of terror, confusion, and despair, I cannot take it. Babies cry to communicate and I try to be sensitive to their needs, but was losing my mind! A friend (who survived TRIPLETS using this) recommended this book and we are really seeing progress! It is not a miracle cure, but is such great advice and it really does work.

1. The No Cry Sleep Solution

2. Wii, Just Dance

This one is just plain fun! We have a blast with this game, rocking out to songs like, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (don't tell Howard I told you, but he rocks at that song!) :) It is fun, great exercise and provides fun for the WHOLE family. Ben even does well!

3. Exersaucers

This is the ONLY way I get dinner ready. Hope LOVES hers (though it isn't quite as cool as the one pictured. She can really get it jumping, and the only drawback is that once she gets to rockin' that thing is LOUD!

4. Dark Chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Seriously, do I need to say anything else? As if the Mini Egg could not get any better? Dark Chocolate is amazing!

5. Pinkalicious

Given to us as a shower gift by Aunt Heather, this was Hope's first book. She already adores it! It is a super cute story. Even the boys like it, but don't tell them I told you so. :)

So there you have it! My favorite "things" this week, though my TRUE favorites are not things at all!


trennia said...

it's always fun learning things about each other! Have a great weekend!

Devin said...

Ok, I am freaking out. FREAKING out! I looooooooooove those dark chocolate mini eggs. I discovered them 3 years ago, and seriously could have eaten a BAG a day. Here's why I'm freaking, though--I have not been able to find them the past two years! Where are you getting them? I feel like I've searched everywhere. I sure hope I just haven't found the right spot, instead of it being that they just don't carry them in my area anymore! :) Let me know where you're getting yours, when you get a minute!

Angela said...

I was exactly that way with our babies and cry it out. I never even tried because I didn't feel it was right for us. I LOVED that book. It's great to have answers that don't require ignoring a screaming baby. I have friends who have used the cry it out with no difficulties at all, but it just wasn't for me. :-)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I loved my exersaucer when James was little (that was awhile ago...since he's almost nine!)! That Wii Dance looks like fun! We may have to try our Wii!

Christy said...

I'm with you on not letting my babies cry it out, it just goes against everything that's a mother in my heart and soul! It's great to hear that The No Sleep Solution is giving you a peace and eventually will get Hope to your goal of sleeping in her own bed.