Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well this morning was eventful to say the least! Howard woke up in the middle of the night with the flu! He is the last to get it! So he and I were up way before the kids. We sat anxiously awaiting Luke's reaction to the living room with presents and filled stockings. Ben woke up around 7 and around 7:30 or so Howard went to be sick and Luke came running out in total shock. Howard missed it! My sister and Joe came over to watch the events and the boys opened their gifts first which were AWESOME! They each got a stuffed Snoopy ad Ben got a rocking horse and Luke got a Radio Flyer scooter. Then it was on to stockings and then gifts. We all opened gifts and when they were all opened Luke continued to look around. He had asked for ONE and only ONE gift and he had not gotten it and you could see how disappointed he was.

So he walked out to the kitchen to get his juice and play with the kitchen set my dad had brought for them yesterday and he saw a giant Christmas sack by the back door. In it, THE CRASH UP SPEEDWAY! the one and only gift he had asked for. He was so excited. He played with that for quite a while and I made breakfast for everyone and Howard went back to bed. We all relaxed and played with the boys and then Jill and Joe left and Luke and I made Jesus' birthday cake. At this point in time Howard is sleeping and the boys are in bed but definitely NOT sleeping and I am sitting here downloading to my new MP3 player my sister got me and reading the Deceptively Delicious cookbook Howard got me. So far we are hanging in there but what a horrible time for the stomach flu!

Happy has been very active today and it is my hope that next year he will be sitting on the floor buried in paper with his brothers! My sister got him the best blanket! It is a Project Linus blanket and looks just like the blue blanket Linus from Peanuts carried around. It is SO soft! I am sure he will LOVE it!

Each year Christmas just gets better and better for us and I look forward to all of the Christmases to come with our boys! Seeing the faith of a child is one of life's most amazing gifts!

I pray that each of you are having a great Christmas as well! Take the time to enjoy your family!


Anonymous said...

Happy is so cute! How precious, I love sonogram pictures they are amazing aren't they! I'm sorry that the flu struck your household especially during Christmas. I hope everyone is feeling well now. It sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas...I hope you enjoy the rest of the week!
Love, Lannea

Kerren said...

Hi Kristy and Howard

Hi Kristy and Howard, I was on your blogspot last night. This is so nice the pictures are so cute of your boys! I have been praying for Gods will with this precious baby boy growing inside of you! I know your faith is great and many people will come to know our father in heaven just by watching how much faith you have! No matter what happens God is in control of everything! and he uses every situation to his advantage. I love you and Howard and your boys! Maybe we can actually spend some time together soon I know God would love family getting together! In Y'shua's precious name love Kerren

Wendy said...

Hi Kristy and Howard,
Well I laughed out loud when I read about the jingle bells outside Luke's window! What a great story! I am glad everyone is on the upswing from the flu (if you remember the days from the YMCA you know how much fun I think that is...)and its nice to hear that you had such a nice couple of days in spite of that. I love the picture of Happy...he looks so cozy and comfy! I can't wait to meet him!