Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is the day that the Lord has made...

I WILL be glad and rejoice in it. This is the constant decision I am trying to make each and every day. This whole situation has only made me realize even more how much a moment means. So many times during the day I tell my little guys, "just a moment" I have been reflecting on that today though...a moment is all it takes to change everything! So we need to be careful in chosing what we do with what moments we have. None of us really knows what tomorrow brings. So we are to just rejoice in today. This is easier said than done I have to admit. It is comforting to me to know that in the midst of the chaos, God does have a plan and it is a great one if only we get on board and go with his plan rather than our own, another easier said than done. I know that this child we are welcoming was chosen specifically for us by God. We have been amazingly blessed and this baby is just as much a blessing as any. This morning we watched the Veggie Tales movie of Rack Shack and Benny and am reminded of how they had an amazing faith and they would not waver despite the threat of being thrown into the furnace! And though they were thrown into the fire, they were not burned. God protected him and he will protect us through the fires of life!

I also have been thinking of Isaac a lot lately. When we were going through that season of our life the story of Abraham was so personal for us. Abraham had such an amazing faith! When others asked how to pray for us we asked for people to pray that no matter what we would have the faith of Abraham and remain unshaken. Abraham not only offered his own son Isaac to God, but what I have found just as remarkable is that God promised Abraham a son eventhough he was like 75 years old and his wife was barren and Abraham believed...he continued to believe that God would bless him with a son. It wasn't until 25 years later that Isaac was born! That is amazing faith...we are so wrapped up in our need for instant gratification sometimes that we forget that God's timing is the perfect timing. How many of us would have continued to believe for 25 years!? Not many, we would likely talk ourselves out of the fact that God promised us anything at all or that he even exists.

I was hoping for some answers from my own doctor on Monday but I believe there is a reason that those results were not sent at that time. I continue to have hope. I am terrified of going to Pittsburgh because I am so afraid they will squash the hope I have left. The doctor we saw there was so cold and hopeless when speaking of our son. I dread going back. But I am realizing that they cannot squash it if I don't let them. There is NEVER a situation without hope. Regardless of what God's plan is in this situation, I am praying that my heart will remain hopeful and that I will remain steadfast in my faith. Though God does not always answer our prayers immediately, he hears and is working a plan for our good.

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Anonymous said...

I read this saying somewhere and I wrote it down. The funny part is it is from Dolly Parton but it is quite true. "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." Just keep believing and soon enough the rainbow will appear!!