Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So many thoughts going through my head!

Well we put the boys to bed a little early last night and had some time to rest and that was nice. It was an exhausting day yesterday and this morning I am reflecting on everything that happened. So many prayers answered yet so many things left unknown. I know that God just wants us to rely on Him and that is what I am trying to do.

Our prayer for better doctors was answered the sonogram doctor took quite a bit of time with us and told us that he "didn't see anything different from last time" and asked if we had any questions about anything. I asked about the clubfoot and he looked puzzled. He said he didn't see any indication but he would look again and he did. He said the feet look perfectly normal and he could not say for sure about the heart because Happy was moving so much he could not get a clear picture so we will have an echocardiogram in four weeks to check the status of that. I asked if he could give us a few of the pictures and he printed us three 3D ones they are kind of crazy! He looks like a little old man! They needed to get a good picture of his face to try and rule out some chromosome abnormalities that are often seen in facial features. They think his jaw is a bit underdeveloped. He was patient and kind and didn't seem all doom and gloom. He then sent us to Genetics where we met another Doctor.

He was very kind. He asked us to explain our understanding of what was going on and said we had a good grasp on things. He then began to ask questions about Isaac. He said that he finds it unlikely that anyone could be "unlucky" enough to have two similar completely unrelated experiences so he is quite sure the two are linked. He said that though Isaac's autopsy report showed infection that they cannot be sure that that is what caused everything. So he wants to look into it further so we can be prepared for what is to come. Our next appointment will be in four weeks and we will meet wih him again. He has asked for Isaac's autopsy reports and pictures of Isaac so he can compare the boy's faces. It is so crazy to think that we could be going through the same thing again. I wouldn't consider us "unlucky"though Isaac was a miracle. Our next appointment will likely be our last Pittsburgh appointment unless they think there is something they can do to help the baby at birth in which case he will be born in Pittsburgh. This doctor said we will just have to wait and see. No one can determine the outcome at this point but they are very concerned.

I know I am jumping way ahead of myself but I am very concerned about the genetic thing. If this is genetic it could mean that Howard and I have a 25% chance of having this happen with each baby. We have ALWAYS wanted a large family and I LOVE being pregnant! I know I don't need to think about this now but I cannot help it. I really want lots of babies! But, I am so thankful for the ones I have and that Luke and Ben are healthy!

The doctor predicted that the pregnancy should be just as uneventful as my others as far as my health and we will just keep an eye on Happy. I believe that several of our prayers were answered yesterday and I am going to continue to pray for God to heal Happy. Who knows, at the next appointment they may see great growth! So to all of you out there, please keep praying! God is good and he is taking care of us!


Anonymous said...

this is the season for miracles and we will all be praying that you receive one. God Bless you and your famly in your tme of need.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sending us the newsletter. I just want you to know we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers. Friends are family are meant to lean on in times of need, so if there is anything we can ever do for you, please don't hesitate to call. Love you all!
Kari and Geoff